WebWatch: Social and Video Craze

Last week, Comscore released its first public report on online usage in Singapore, revealing that locals spend Half of Online Time on Social and Entertainment Sites.  The report bore out what I’ve observed amongst family and friends, and even peers in the industry.

Take my own nucleus family for instance.  Our media consumption habit is a mirror of that survey, but I would have differentiated between the younger generation (below 18) and the working adults. The younger generation is readily exposed to such media and sites from a far younger age than previous generations.

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Shelfari joins the Amazon family

If you haven’t heard yet, the news just broke 2 days ago, but it came as no surprise to me. Shelfari has been acquired by Amazon.

Shelfari joins the Amazon familyThere are definitely areas where the two sites could have synergies in terms of their objective of community building amongst book lovers. From an online marketing perspective, I think Shelfari complements what Amazon already offers. As a fan and user of both Amazon and Shelfari, it means I can have the best of both worlds.

Josh sent an email to Shelfari members assuring “that Shelfari will live on and only get better. We’ve got some big plans ahead. In the meantime, you’ll continue to enjoy the great community features you’ve always known and used on the site.” And that “Shelfari and Amazon will work hand in hand to create innovative new ways to enjoy the books you love.”

So, what do you think of this latest partnership? I don’t know about you but I’m already looking forward to what they will unveil in the months to come.

Sit tight …

All abuzz in Bookland

For a long time now, I’ve resisted ‘talking shop’ on my blog.  I mean, enough of talking about online marketing at work already … I should give it a rest when I’m back home, shouldn’t I?

But when I see how vibrant the book publishing industry is becoming, with readers, publishers and authors getting into the act, my fingers simply itched to pen down my thoughts and share.

I shall start off with this great news from the team who created Shelfari.  In case you haven’t been yet, the book community site has gotten a new look and added some new features. For one, photos and book covers are bigger.  I just love how my virtual shelf looks now.  Oh, and there are other stuff that they’ve done.  What I like is that they listened to what their users asked for.  Kudos to the team for getting closer to the hearts of the community population.  I didn’t mind the ads, which are tucked unobtrusively at the bottom and the side. Check their blog out for the full details.  I’m going to occupy myself this weekend updating my shelf.

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Lend Bookwish.org a helping hand

Inspired by a Washington Post article describing a Darfur refugee’s longing for books, Lorraine and Logan Kleinwaks started a nonprofit, Book Wish Foundation, to provide reading relief for people in crisis. “Reading relief,” to this group of volunteers, goes beyond providing books. It encompasses all of the aid that makes reading possible.

Lend Bookwish.org a helping hand

This non-profit organisation’s first project focuses on three Darfur refugee camps in Eastern Chad (more than 60,000 residents, 20,000 of them students) and 18 nearby villages (with more than 19,000 people enrolled in literacy, primary school, or pre-school programs).

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WebWatch: Tourism websites

Nope, it isn’t a Wednesday, but you could consider this a belated WebWatch Wednesday post.

See, I was going to look up weather conditions in Sydney, where I may be headed to in a couple of weeks, when a sudden whim took me to the Australian tourism website and boy, was I blown away by the brand new look and features.


WebWatch: Tourism websites

For a start, I was totally seduced by the map view options on the home. There are so many interactive touchpoints that are just begging for the visitor to click and explore. I tried the climate map just for fun. This is the first website I’ve come across that makes wonderful use of the map. It’s not just three dimensional, it’s intuitively easy to understand and navigate.

Oz_NSW WebWatch: Tourism websites

This led me to a round of web surfing to check out other tourism sites. These are some of the tourism sites which impressed me with the lay-out, navigation, classy design and rich content:

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Ani-mania in Blogland

It’s been a while since my last WebWatch Wednesday post, so I took some time off this morning to go surfing for anime related blogs, as I’ve promised that long ago day.

My first stop is naturally Mailyn. I’ve known for a while now she’s a manga/ anime fan and that she runs Perfect Drug, which are contributed by Nath, Kailana and DC although the team has not updated the posts for a while. Hey gals, which anime series are you going to talk about next?

Ani-mania in Blogland


Ani-mania in Blogland

From Mailyn’s, I hop on to one of the links on her sidebar to Takeva. Although this blog is in Spanish, I like the clean lay-out and very simple graphics. He/she has an impressive fanlist to which he/she belongs to. It doesn’t hurt that the blog features lots of great screen caps. Just admiring the manga drawings/ anime screencaps was a real treat.


Ani-mania in Blogland

I really dig the neat and reader friendly lay-out this blog has adopted. Death Note fans should really check this site out. The author gives episode synopsis and screencaps generously. There’s even a spoiler column for those who do not wish to know too much about a series in advance. I also like how the posts are categorized by series and episodes – makes finding a particular post/ series easy. Again, this link came by way of Mailyn. Oh, and there’re plenty of links for Anime lovers to check out. I had a field day just surfing from this site.

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Seeking Reader Comments and Book Inscriptions

When you’re in between books or on a reading break, be sure to check out these two interesting projects.

Amy left me a message to tell me about a writing and reader competition that Gather.com is hosting. Currently into Round 3, members of this social networking site are casting their votes for the 10 selected submissions who they’d like to see advance to the final round, which will see the total reduced to five. 

You can enrich the competition with your comments on each of the 5 advancing submissions for a chance to win a $100 Borders gift card, and you can win more than once! Interested? Go here.

Amy did warn me that there are no romance entries left in the competition, but I’ll check out the remaining ten. Oh, Amy, may I compliment Gather for this most laudable Web 2.0 initiative in book promotion/ event marketing. 

Shaun over at The Book Inscriptions Project sent me an email which made me sit up and click to their site immediately. He said:

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