Dragon Sighting

It’s here! Eragon, the movie, opens in local cinemas today!!!

While I’m still trying to find time to read the book, the much anticipated movie is going to begin its screening this evening. I’ve plans to bring the kids to watch it either this or next weekend at the neighbourhood cinema.

My son loves dragons and couldn’t stop raving about Aslan after watching Narnia, so this should be a treat to him. He loves the dragon from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, unsurprisingly, too!

Dragon Sighting

The website is marvelously wrought with fantastic trailers, images, fun games and wonderful sound effects (listen for the sound of swords clanging). Hmm … I like movie websites … they’re always well planned and make great publicity vehicles, drumming up excitement and interest for the show, and at the same time, the book written by then 15-year-old Christopher Paolini (he’s 23 now).

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Prison Breaking

Ever since the local TV station started airing Fox production Prison Break every Thursday, the man and I have been held prisoner in front of the couch. He loves the suspense and action.

Me? I’m in for the hunky Wentworth Miller (doesn’t he look dapper in that suit?), who plays the brainy Michael Scofield. Yep that lil’ bro of Lincoln who got himself into jail so he could break his big bro out of it.

Prison Breaking

You got to hand it to the guy for the sheer audacity of the scheme – having the blueprints of the prison tattooed over his body hidden inside an astonishing picture, masterminding the BIG escape which grew to include a few other cellmates, and all that daring rescue of the pretty Dr Sara Tancredi, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, the prison’s resident doctor who has a history of drug abuse.

And of course, there’s that little spark of romantic tension between him and good doctor that’s keeping me on my toes. I’m hooked … and now that hubby has gotten his paws on the DVDs, it’s Prison Break time every night.

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WebWatch: Ode to HP Fans

In my last post, I held up fan shrine sites as an example of the interactive and viral power of the web, and how it can help build/ crush a person/ subject/ brand (you name it!). So, for this bout of webwatching, I thought I’ll unearth some exquisite fan sites that caught my eyes.

WebWatch: Ode to HP Fans

WebWatch: Ode to HP Fans

Mention Harry Potter fan sites, and the venerable LeakyNews (aka Leaky Cauldron) and MuggleNet will invariably come up. But did you know that besides these two authorities, the web is simply teeming with sites devoted to the book series, the movie, its characters and even actors/ actresses?

WebWatch: Ode to HP Fans

The-Portkey.com, like many other fan sites feature discussions on the books, movies, fun and games, downloadable stuff, besides the usual newsy links and articles on all thing Harry. But me, I just love the lay-out changer.

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Of Pirates and Spices

Of Pirates and Spices

Sometime back, I highlighted a few summer movies that I was eagerly anticipating. While I ended up skipping Superman Returns and X-Men 3 on reviews by friends, I managed to catch these two:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Of Pirates and Spices
Saw this on the big screen end of July, the weekend right after my daughter’s term test. The kids loved it, especially the fighting within and on the wheel – great piece of stunt work there – and the fun and adventure, as always.

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Idol Outrage

A shocking injustice has been committed tonight.

Idol finalist Mathilda D’Silva, who is easily the only one with the vocal prowess to keep the Singpore Idol name flying high, was ousted.

The division of the contestants into ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ groups already signals where voters are inclined.  If you haven’t guessed it yet, those talented ones were in the group with the lowest number of votes.

Singapore Idol fans, you’ve been a HUGE disappointment, not to mention tone deaf!! How could you blatantly disregard talent?  How could you bear to keep good-lookers who are wobbly in their performance, out of tune most often than not, in the competition week after week?

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More Idol chatter

Idol ChatterLast night’s theme was Jazz, and my absolute fave, Mathilda ‘saved the show’, according to idol judge and prolific singer/ songwriter/ stage actor producer Dick Lee. She’s the only one who understood what the genre means and demands, and gave all she had to deliver her performance perfectly. Eschewing the usual Ella, Natalie and other lady jazz singers, she picked A New Dawn (Michael Buble’s version) and turned it into her own, with expressive eyes and brows, and her signature three finger taps just above her heart, she conquered the judges. Although two of the judges thought she was a little over dramatic, which I totally disagree. I felt she was just being expressive and expansive in her vocals. At the end of the day, it’s the audience who’ll vote with phone calls and text messages. Continue reading “More Idol chatter”

Idol Chatter

The final 12 for this season’s (Season 2) Singapore Idol has been chosen, and I’m happy to report that my two favourites, Mathilda D’Silva (pictured left) and Gayle Nerva, both with powerful vocals, are amongst the dozen finalists. Well done!

Idol ChatterIdol Chatter

This season seems to see a stronger showing from the gals, IMO. I’ll be watching out for the performances of Nurul, Rahimah and Jasmine as well. My daughter is rooting for Gayle while some of the ladies in the office have their eyes on Jonathan. Yeah, that guy’s a crooner alright.

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