It’s that time of the year again. Time when all residents of this little island nation can unabashedly express their love for country, and home. While taking a brief respite after lunch, and waiting for the big show tonight, I pondered the questions that the organizers tossed us:

When you think of the words ‘Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag,’ what image or words come to mind?
What are your dreams and aspirations?
What is it about Singapore that has allowed you to live your dreams?
What is it about the Singapore flag that inspires you?

The answers are up in the form of an image wall on  this site.

When I think of the words ‘Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag,’ I count the many blessings I have in this life …

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Song for Singapore

An ode to my home country …. enjoy this video of Corrinne May’s evocative and soulful rendition of this year’s National Day Song.  It’s about time we have a national song from her, one of the most talented singer songwriter I’ve come across, and one of my favourite all-time songstress.

Her songs are always meaningful, meditative and yet st the same time, inspirational and uplifting, without being overly religious. It’s a challenging balance to achieve, and I think she’s done it admirably.

Thank you for this song, Corrinne May.

All Settled In and Back Online

You’re probably wondering at the silence after the last post in February. Well, the dust has finally been dusted off the furniture, the new walls and the kitchen, and we’re finally ready to be reconnected to the virtual realm.

Yes, it’s been a long month of packing, planning, and rushing, and now … I’m much relieved and happy to tell you that we’ve officially moved into our new home.  Which means that posts would be forthcoming.  Stay tuned …

Ten Dos For the New Year

Well, it’s a new year, and besides giving away books, it’s time to break bad habits and face new challenges with a grin and finish up books that have been gathering dust on shelves.  So, while I’m echoing Kristie’s and Sayuri’s “Read More, Buy Less” ethos, naggings from the DH and my own eco-conscious friends have prompted me to start seriously consider switching to digital.

While I’m pondering that, here are 10 things related to reading and blogging that I told myself I’ll do in 2010:

  1. Finish up the backlog of reviews before the first quarter of the year.
  2. Limit buying of print books to collector’s and special editions.
  3. Visit the local library more often.
  4. Switch to electronic book formats whenever possible.
  5. Resolve to remain UNPLUGGED at least one weekend per month at home. (Huge thanks to Jen and Candace for the idea).
  6. Bring back the WebWatch series, it’s one of the reasons I started blogging, so no reason to stop now.
  7. Do better at the TBR Challenge.
  8. Finish reading the few BIG BOOKS* that I’ve been postponing for months, eh, years actually, before the end of 2010.  (BIG, BIG thanks to Orannia for this challenge).
  9. Read the Bible from cover to cover, no slacking this year round!
  10. Last but not least, be more disciplined about posting.

* A BIG is one with more than 500 pages. There’re several I’ve been avoiding, at the top of the list is Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien.
Other big books in my TBR pile include:

Chronicles of Narnia (an omnibus) by C S Lewis

Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Return to Troy by Lindsay Clarke

Chronicles of the Celts by Peter Berresford Ellis

Stocking Stuffers

Yep, it’s that time of the year again when I’m checking my list twice, and picking over the new releases and my wish list.  I don’t know about you, but here are some goodies I really hope will be filling my stockings this festive season (big hint to DH and friends) (wink, wink):

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Stocking Stuffers Stocking Stuffers and ….

Stocking Stuffers Stocking Stuffers

Pleasure of A Dark Prince by Kresley Cole, as well as her novella with Gena Showalter, Deep Kiss of Winter… plus Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh.

What about you?

Back from Real Life

It’s been my longest hiatus so far, but with my recent bout of ill health over, hectic real life settling down a bit, not to mention work travel slowing dow, I reckon it’s time to catch up on review posts and updates with fellow reader bloggers.

Back from Real Life Back from Real Life

The last two months were spent finishing up Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, new-to-me authors Kate Furnivall’s The Russian Concubine, Eva Ibbotson’s A Countess Below Stairs and James Patterson’s Sundays at Tiffany’s as well as the long awaited 4th instalment of Noami Novik’s Temeraire series Empire of Ivory, and Madeline Hunter’s The Sins of Lord Easterbrook.

Back from Real Life Back from Real Life

Also caught up on some movies onboard flights on business trips: He’s Not That Into You, Sex and the Big City, Confessions of a Shopaholic and on video – Rachel Getting Married, Inkheart and Night at the Museum, which I won’t review.

Will attempt to share photos from my travels, but first let’s get the backlog of book reviews up. More later …

WebWatch: Social and Video Craze

Last week, Comscore released its first public report on online usage in Singapore, revealing that locals spend Half of Online Time on Social and Entertainment Sites.  The report bore out what I’ve observed amongst family and friends, and even peers in the industry.

Take my own nucleus family for instance.  Our media consumption habit is a mirror of that survey, but I would have differentiated between the younger generation (below 18) and the working adults. The younger generation is readily exposed to such media and sites from a far younger age than previous generations.

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