[Review]: Once Upon a Wild Fling by Lauren Blakely

Once Upon a Wild Fling (Heartbreakers, #3)Once Upon a Wild Fling by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is another 5-star hit from Lauren Blakely for me, and my favourite Hart brother romance of the three.

Roxy being single dad rockstar Miles’ friend’s little sister adds an almost taboo/ comedic angle to this friends-to-lovers romance. Being the sucker that I am for second chances, I also liked that Ms Blakely’s characters are slightly older, down-to-earth and use their past life experiences to make positive choices when love comes knocking again.

Ben is a little prince and the glue that made you fall faster for Miles, along with Roxy. Of course, the three couples, the dynamics of their friendship, and their awesome kids combined make such a powerful impact you just can’t help loving all of them in the end.

This series has all the necessary ingredients of a blockbuster winner that I can easily imagine each book being brought to life on the big screen.

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[Review]: Once Upon A Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely

Once Upon a Sure Thing (Heartbreakers, #2)Once Upon a Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a light, funny and heart-warming best-friends to lovers romance this is! Ally and Miller make an engaging couple you just can’t help but like, and Ally’s niece sort of help bring both of them closer.

Some of my favourite scenes in the book are the ones where you see the three of them as a family unit, the fatherly figure Miller plays in Chloe’s life. I also like the unusual career Ally has carved out of her voice talent, and the scenes of her collaboration with Miller were some of the sweetest and sexiest in this book. Miller is protective, sensitive and heart-melting as the best friend turned sweet-heart to Ally’s sexy, nurturing and kickass single parent. Together, they make a believably great couple.

A really enjoyable read and excellent follow-up to the Heartbreakers series.

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[Review]: Once Upon a Real Good Time by Lauren Blakely

Once Upon a Real Good Time (Heartbreakers, #1)Once Upon a Real Good Time by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve yet to read a Lauren B book that I don’t like. Once upon a RealGood Time has the makings of a romantic comedy down pat. The meet cute, the hilarious situations our romantic couple find themselves in, the heart melting moments between the two, between them and the kids, and the matured beyond their age teen kids who are so cool about their parents in a relationship.

I had such a good time reading I didn’t want the adventures with the Heartbreakers to end! Lucky for me that the author had the other two brothers’ stories for me to binge read.

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[Review]: Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid

Elements of Chemistry: Parts 1-3Elements of Chemistry: Parts 1-3 by Penny Reid

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reading Part 1 Attraction of this set brought back such good memories of the romance between Martin and Kaitlyn, that I couldn’t resist reaching giving the entire set another satisfying read.

Perhaps the nostalgia of revisiting the story heightened my reaction a little, but the intense emotions that the two smart yet socially awkward protagonists experienced in the fast pace development of their relationship while getting caught between family and societal expectations lend a particular urgent poignancy, particularly when the couple broke up.

I have a new appreciation for the way Ms Reid build up Part 3 and the sucker in me for second chances am tremendously satisfied with the happy ending.

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[Review]: The Queen’s Wing by Jessica Thorne

The Queen's WingThe Queen’s Wing by Jessica Thorne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This high fantasy meet space opera mashup by new-to-me author Jessica Thorne was a 5-star delightful find.

Although there is the requisite love triangle, an unconventional heroine who eschewed dresses for flying and fighting, an unassuming hero with equal parts action, political intrigue and light romance, the overall combination kept me turning the pages, chasing the story feverishly to its satisfactory end.

Had no regrets losing some sleep just to finish the story. So much so I’ve pre-ordered the next book in the series.

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[Review]: Winter Nights by various authors

Winter Nights: Ten Book Boxed SetWinter Nights: Ten Book Boxed Set by Penny Reid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Downloaded this set of contemporary sexy romances for five reasons:

Skye Warren, Penny Reid, Kate Canterbury, Tijan and Elle Kennedy.

I already have the entire set of Walsh family romances from Kate Canterbury in my Kobo but it sure was great fun to visit with Patrick and Andy, and get sucked into the family dynamics of the Walsh brothers and sisters again.

Tijan’s Carter Reed was a surprise find that was intense and absorbing. So much so I simply have to get the follow up book.

Skye Warren kept me enthralled with Harper’s triangular love affair with Christopher and Sutton. I found the return to Tanglewood so intriguing that I went on to finish the duet with The Evolution of Man.

Then, Penny Reid’s Attraction – Elements of Chemistry brought back such good memories of the romance between Martin and Kaitlyn, two smart yet socially awkward individuals caught between family and societal expectations, that I couldn’t resist reaching for the entire set again for another satisfying read.

Elle Kennedy captured my interest with her off campus series, but the short novel in this compilation did not meet my expectations of her work set by the new adult romance. I skimmed through a few of the rest, which are mostly hits with a few misses that didn’t leave lasting memories warranting a pursuit of the series these novels are part of.

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[Review]: From This Moment by Melanie Harlow

From This Moment (After We Fall #4)From This Moment by Melanie Harlow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms Harlow and her emotional romances found a place on virtual bookshelf ever since I first read If You Were Mine. Although the plot and narrative are always centered around the lovers, their families, friends and other recurring secondary characters often play pivotal roles in assisting them to a happy ending.

If it takes a proverbial village to raise a child, then it’ll definitely take a small town to bring together a couple in love. This book is linked to After We Fall and I couldn’t have asked for a more well written second chance romance and ending for the protagonists. Another satisfying read which brightened the week for me.

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