I’ve stretched the idiom ‘in my book’, meaning ‘in my opinion’, to also encompass my many opinions on things that caught my attention and that may land ‘in my good/ bad books’ i.e. find favour or disfavour with me.

My husband and kids have often complained that when I’ve got my nose in my books, everything else just fades into oblivion. I’m often so drunk on that moment of unadulterated escapism that it’ll take them quite a bit of effort or time to capture my attention. (I promise I’ll try to improve on this).

With that kind of notoriety, that phrase came to my mind naturally while I was pondering a suitable name for this blog. Of course, using ‘In My Books’ ensures continuity since the sub-domain for my very first blog, Book Lovers’ Nook, hosted on Blogger (now closed),  is inmybooks.

As books is my chief passion, besides tech gadgets and shoes, you’ll find a lot more categories on the topic.  I’m an avid reader of romance, suspense and mysteries, fantasy and a media junkie (occupational disease, I’m afraid), so you’ll find bits and pieces of my views on these besides reviews of books, mostly romance and lots of historicals.

Do drop in now and then to share your views.  I’d love to see things through another pair of eyes.

Go on and stick your nose in my books.

7 July 2008: About the ratings
I’ve posted reviews without giving a rating on this blog, yet I’ve given them ratings on my Shelfari and Librarything shelves since I started cataloguing books read on these two utlity sites.  Therefore, it’s only natural that I extend the same [rating system] here as a gauge to help fellow readers along.  So, without further ado, here’s a guide to what the ratings mean:

1.0/ 1 star: Bleh, hated it!

2.0/ 2 stars: Didn’t like it

3.0/ 3 stars: Liked it

4.0/ 4 stars: Really liked it

5.0/ 5 stars: Loved it!

9 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hey there – a great site, and well organised! I was hoping to find a link to mail a review request. Please mail me if you are willing and able, I’d appreciate it.
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  3. Loved the blog! What a reader you are. Thanks for keeping readers interested in our writing.

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  4. Love your site, truly inspiring wow. I am an upcoming writer, just published my first book and could do with a minute of hand holding as I am stuck in a maze in terms of direction for getting the word out. Any advice on how to let folk know my book is a great read and get them hooked.

    I know you are busy, but willing to wait my turn.


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