Review: One Scandalous Kiss

One Scandalous Kiss
One Scandalous Kiss by Christy Carlyle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The synopsis piqued my interest – heroine taking a daring bet to kiss a handsome stranger. Set in Victorian London, and in a time period where suffragettes are lobbying for the right for women to vote, this story premise promises scandal, comedy and much fertile ground for a truly inspired romance.

While Lucius and Jess’ journey to happily ever after is every bit as sweet and lovely, there were some parts of the story which left me hanging — what happened to that meeting in the study with May Sedgwick and her father? — and some of the heroine’s actions exasperated me and contradicted how she portrayed herself as a forward-thinking modern woman.

It was the hero who saved he story for me, for in the end standing firm and finding a solution to his financial situation and stand-by his love. I would have loved to give this book a higher rating, but for the heroine acting a little out of character and losing that fight I admired so much in the beginning.

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