Review: Velvet is the Night: The Devereux Trilogy – Book Two

Velvet is the Night: The Devereux Trilogy - Book Two
Velvet is the Night: The Devereux Trilogy – Book Two by Elizabeth Thornton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This follow-up to Tender the Storm got me hooked from page one with the glimpse into the Adam’s and Philippe’s childhood and the genesis of their rivalry. As the story begins with the meeting of Claire and Philippe, and takes the reader through the switching of identities and budding love between Claire and Adam, i became absorbed by the angst and trust issues the protagonists had to deal with, all while trying to survive in Revolutionary France.

The heartaches, betrayals, big-Misunderstanding, and eventual reunion and capitulation of hearts took me on an emotional journey, that while every bit as melodramatic as the first novel, captured my imagination with its diverse setting — France then America — and its engaging main characters. Definitely another keeper from Ms Thornton, and one that bears another read. I’ve no qualms in rating this a 5-star read.

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