Review: Black Falcon’s Lady

Black Falcon's Lady
Black Falcon’s Lady by Kimberleigh Caitlin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was intrigued by the “Romeo & Juliet” story arc of a pair of star crossed lovers caught in the feud begun by their fathers. Set against a backdrop rife with conflict, persecution and oppression of the Irish Catholics by fanatical, Protestant England, the tale bore great promise.

However, I found myself skimming som parts of the narrative as the writing became a tad garrulous and plodding. Otherwise Tade and Maryssa made an engaging couple and their story is proof that love conquers all.

Overall this is an average 3-star read that maybe, to my prejudiced eye, would have been great if I’d been more patient. I’ve another book by the same author in my TBR pile. Let’s see if that book would be more to my taste.

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