Review: Sinful in Satin by Madeline Hunter

The third book in The Rarest Blooms series, Sinful in Satin by Madeline Hunter is a slow burning romance, as both lead characters are a little reticent about expressing their feelings, but if you adore romances that develop over time, and appreciate book series supported by delightful secondary characters, then this is a good book to curl up with on a lazy afternoon.

Review: Sinful in Satin by Madeline Hunter
Sinful in Satin

Author: Madeline Hunter

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Jove Books/ The Berkley Publishing Group

Year Published: October 2010

Stand alone or series: Book 3 of The Rarest Blooms series

On the Back cover:

She was trained in the art of pleasure. But she’s about to ger her first lesson in love…

The daughter of a famed London courtesan, Celia was educated in the art of pleasure – destined, it seemed, to follow in her mother’s footsteps. But instead, Celia ran away, taking refuge with friends far from society’s debauched circles.

Her life of quiet comes to an abrupt end when her mother dies. Celia has inherited all of her property, which includes massiive debts and a small house in town. She has also inherited Jonathan Albrighton, an enigmatic gentleman who has lived in her mother’s house as a tenant … a man Celia soon admits she is in no hurry to evict, no matter how deliciousy unsettling she considers his presence. Darkly handsome and reputedly dangerous, Jonathan has his own reasons for staying close to Celia as he conducts a secret investigation into her mother’s mysterious activities.

With mounting debts threatening everything she had hoped to build, Celia is forced to consider embracing the scandalous profession for which she was groomed. But now there is only one man for whom she wants to put her erotic training to use …

In my books …

Celia could have taken the easy way out and followed in her mother’s footsteps. The fact that she didn’t and even tried valiantly to rescue other women hard out of luck through an enterprise started by her friend, Daphne Joyes, is all the more admirable, and creative fodder for an adventure in and of itself. Add a mysterious hero with a shadowy background who puts her off-balance and forces her to examine her feelings and her future [and the story could only unfold in an intriguing manner that spurs me on to finish it in one sitting].

Sure, there were plot cliches – illegitimacy, both lead characters’ background – but it didn’t detract from the blossoming of love between two pragmatic souls. Then, there is Tristan, the Duke of Castleford, whose peculiar rule of staying sober only on Tuesdays, and whose meddling often produced results that made the story development a little more interesting. I’ve already guessed that Ms Hunter has ‘reserved’ him for Daphne and can’t wait for the final book in the series, which will finally see him surrender his heart at her feet.

Overall, Sinful in Satin is a heartwarming romance, even if the plot lines are tried and tested. The characters are likeable and endearing in their down-to-earth expectations of each other.

IMB Rating: 4.0, Really liked it


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