Book Review: Nightkeepers, Dawnkeepers, Skykeepers by Jessica Andersen

The Final Prophecy series by Jessica Andersen

Title: Nightkeepers (Final Prophecy, Book 1)


Author: Jessica Andersen

Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Signet

Year Published: 2008

Why I read it: At the time I discovered this series, I was looking for something different from the other paranormal romance I was reading, and the Mayan angle of the series sort of sounded interesting

On the Back cover:

As a Miami narcotics detective, Leah Daniels never knows how her day will turn out. But she certainly never expected to be strapped to a stone altar, the human sacrifice in an ancient Mayan ritual meant to coax up a demon from the underworld. Or that she’d be saved by a handsome warrior-priest king who claims to recognize her from his visions…

Jaguar Strike wishes he hadn’t made the mistake of reuniting his fellow warrior priests, or broken the law by saving their chosen human sacrifice. Now, he has no choice but to join forces with Leah and invoke dangerous magic in a death-defying race against the end of time.

In my books …
For a series debut, this book is busy and stuffed with a lot of descriptions, flashback and background to build up this complex, innovative alternate universe full of shamanistic magic, prophetic events and serious intrigue. We’re talking about saving the world from doomsday here after all.

Although some parts of the book suffered from pacing issues, the plot angle, the many layered characters and the complicated affairs of the heart, plus the many hang-ups some of the warrior descendents suffered from kept the interest going.

It was not too bad as the anchor for the series … I was sufficiently motivated to go on and read the other two books.

IMB Rating: 3.0, liked it

Dawnkeepers (Final Prophecy, Book 2)

Year Published: 2009

On the Back cover:

The countdown to the end of days has begun—and Only the Nightkeepers can stop the annihilation of all mankind…

Though a Nightkeeper, Nate Blackhawk refuses to allow others to control his fate. The gods have even tried to influence his love life, sending him visions of Alexis Gray, a sleek blonde who is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman.

The two warriors can’t deny their attraction. But a frightening vision leads Nate to distance himself in spite of the intense passion he feels. Thrown together once more, they must reassemble seven Mayan artifacts that hold the key to preventing the end of the world…

In my books …
This 2nd instalment was better paced and introduced a lot more background to the prophecy and clues as to how the Nightkeepers can stop the big evil that’s brewing towards the end of 2012.

The protagonists, Nate and Alexis, were not endearing characters in the first book. In this novel though, they displayed a maturity and took on the mantle of leadership as the King’s advisors. The transformation of Nate and Alexis coming into her power of her own is the highlight of the novel.

So even though they ceded some ground to the villains, they gained wisdom, power, and valuable experience in the process.

IMB Rating: 3.0, liked it

Another Book StopTitle: Skykeepers (Final Prophecy, Book 3)

Year Published: 2009

On the Back cover:

When prominent Mayanist Ambrose Ledbetter goes missing, his daughter Sasha tracks his remains down to an ancient temple. Before she can recover from the shock, she is kidnapped. Slick and charming recruit Michael Stone rescues Sasha from her imprisonment and feels an instant attraction. But he doesn’t dare get involved, with the threat of his dark side growing stronger and the powers of sorcery on the rise. Both Michael and Sasha will discover a new passion together and one they have to admit to in order to change their worlds…

In my books …

There are some really hot scenes in this book, but what really heat up the pages is the close confrontation the Nightkeeper warriors have with the villains who are working to free the big evil one.

The other interesting angle was Michael battling to control the darker/ slightly evil side of his power, and Rabbit’s increasing, slightly frightening power. Then, there is Lucius, Anna’s research assistant who by an unfortunate (or fortunate, if you look at it from another perspective) turn of events, now have some ambiguous powers of his own.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the rest of the series just to see where this all ends. The plot thickens, and events are shaping up to an exciting final battle.

IMB Rating: 3.0, liked it


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