Twenty Ten Reading Challenge

While surfing the web and reading Kailana’s latest post, I stumbled across this interesting challenge that I’ve decided to join up.  Hosted by Bart, the aim of the Twenty Ten Reading Challenge requires the reader to read a total 20 books, over ten categories (details here), in 2010.

The good news is crossovers with other challenges are allowed. The only thing that may make this a little tricky is that each book can only qualify for one category. So, as it sounds do-able, and fits in with my resolution to be more disciplined, and thus more well organised, I’m up for it. I haven’t made concrete plans yet, but for the TBR category, it ties in nicely with Keishon’s TBR Challenge.

These books have been sitting in my TBR pile since 2009 (some from 2008!), so hopefully I’ll be able to tell you that I finish reading them this year!  I’ve created a dedicated page to keep track of these reading challenges I’ve entered into this year — yep, another nod to staying well organised.



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