Echoing the Great Western Drive

When Kristie starts a campaign for something, you can be sure she’ll go all the way … and it all started with a little poll she conducted just this Monday past.

Boy! Is she ever a fast worker? Not only has she rounded up Sybil and Super librarian Wendy to herd readers to this subgenre of romance, she’s even got me lassoed into giving Western romances a good try.

Now, not having read a Western before, the closest being American historical romance, I’m naturally curious about the authors, the books and the posse’s opinions and recommendations. And the gals did such a great job of it, I’ve jolted down the authors and some of the books recommended so I could check them out later.

Echoing the Great Western DriveOne of the books that really attracted my attention is Jo Goodman’s latest, which Jane at DearAuthor bestowed an A- rating. While you’re at it, be sure to read Kristie’s guest spot at Petticoats & Pistols.

Since there’s always been a secret cowgirl in me, who loves wearing her boots and pinching her son’s cowboy hat, it is only right that jump on my horse and ride on to get me some great western reads. Besides, Kristie has yet to lead me stray, so sign me up too, ladies!
Echoing the Great Western Drive


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  1. I’m thrilled to learn about The Great Western Drive and have located some fabulous blogs–yours included–since it began. I’ll be back again soon.

    Cowboy Love,
    Natalie Acres

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