July TBR The Trouble with Moonlight

Figured that it’s better late than never, so even though I’m 5 days behind the deadline for Keishon’s TBR Challenge, I’m still honour bound by my participation to put up my post, since I’m not at RWA nor any such convention.

This month’s theme, “Wrongfully accused or just released from jail”, had me in a fix.  One of the books that Keishon recommended, Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer,  was also recommended by Kristie and Cindy 2 years ago, and having already reviewed that book, I’m obliged to find fresh material.

July TBR The Trouble with MoonlightThen I thought of Donna Mcmeans’ The Trouble with Moonlight, and the misunderstood hero, British spy James Locke, who was released not too long ago at the beginning of the story, from imprisonment and torture by his Russian enemies, and finally found a fit with the theme.  The book has a promising plot premise, that of a master spy suffering from a temporary impediment in his safecracking abilities, teaming up with an unconventional woman, Lusinda Havershaw, with the ability to become invisible when unclothed in moonlight, to retrieve a list that, fallen into enemy hands, would put the entire British Intelligence team at risk of exposure.

While Locke trained Lusinda in espionage, circumstances brought the two of them closer, and Lusinda got to know more of our hero’s background, she inevitably grew to admire him.  Our dear hero, meanwhile, believing that his dark tortured past and lowly beginnings, do not warrant him getting a mate, tried to put the lady at arn’slength.   However, as their mission to track Russian spies grew more and more treacherous, they soon found that the heart has a way of leading them into even more mysterious and irrational behaviour.  Will they succeed in their mission?  Will Lusinda’s secret identity be kept safe?  Will the two finally find happiness with each other?

Of course, there’s a happy ending.  This is after all a historical paranormal romance.  But the promising plot is somehow marred by the slightly clumsy delivery, and of course the numerous typos did not endear me to the author.  Still, for the plot premise and quite well fleshed out character, I would be generous in my rating.

IMB rating: 3.0