WebWatch: Social and Video Craze

Last week, Comscore released its first public report on online usage in Singapore, revealing that locals spend Half of Online Time on Social and Entertainment Sites.  The report bore out what I’ve observed amongst family and friends, and even peers in the industry.

Take my own nucleus family for instance.  Our media consumption habit is a mirror of that survey, but I would have differentiated between the younger generation (below 18) and the working adults. The younger generation is readily exposed to such media and sites from a far younger age than previous generations.

My 12 year-old daughter catches the latest episodes of her favourite Disney series and anime on Youtube before it even airs on local TV.  She eschews email for the convenience and real-time connection of IM with her friends.  She blogs, both on her own and with a group of friends from school.  Most recently, I found out that she has quietly created her own Facebook account just to be able to connect with her friends on Pet Society.  But those aren’t the only social and entertainment sites she’s on.  Both kids are into online games as well.

Then, there’s my husband who prefers to catch the latest episodes of TV series on several online video sites rather than wait for their weekly release on local TV.  Sometimes, these shows aren’t even locally available.  We caught the entire season 2 of gossip girl by that means.

What about you?  Are you also into the whole social media and entertainment craze?

Top Site Categories in Singapore Based on Time Spent
February 2009
Singapore Internet Audience*, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore World Metrix

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