Book Review: Damien and Noah

Amongst the many paranormal romance authors I’ve read, Jacquelyn Frank was one of the most memorable ones for the Nightwalkers race and the universe she’s created around them.

The irony of naming the various heroes of her books, excepting Damien, the Vampire Prince, after famous Biblical characters was not lost on fans. But brushing aside that transgression, the stories Ms Frank has created made for some incredibly enjoyable reading.

Book Review: Damien and NoahTake Damien and Noah, the latest two instalments in that series, for instance. The author up the ante by introducing a potentially explosive development in the union of Damien with Syreena, the Lycanthrope Princess who has intrigued him since Book 2 or 3. As if that’s not enough, towards the end of the book, the secret behind the powerful union was revealed and subsequently used by the rogue Nightwalkers led by Ruth with dire consequences. But enough of my rambling, if you’re not convinced of reading this racy, sensual paranormal, the synopsis here, and this stellar review by bookaholic Gin, should be persuasion enough, I hope.

Coming to a Store SoonBook 5, Noah, was a book I was really looking forward to, as a build-up to the war between the Nightwalkers and the rogues amongst them. However, the author chose to introduce another element of the battle in the form of a small insurrection amongst the vampires. Amidst the heat and steam of Noah’s own search for his mate, there is some battle action, and new twists in the introduction of the other obscure races, which will open the next series by the author, but little of the resolution of the war sparked off by Ruth. So it looks like readers would have to read the next series to find out, a fact that left me dangling and a little dissatisfied, a feeling shared by the reviewer at romancenovels. Synopsis is here if you’d like to have an idea of the book.
But that little twinge of discontent was made up by the very exciting happy ending Ms Frank wrought for Noah, at long last, which led me to these ratings for the two books:

Damien: 3.0

Noah: 4.0