Book Review: Blue Dragon

I think if ever Kylie Chan were to try writing another genre, she would excel at writing suspense.

For that’s what she’s been doing with her three novels in the Dark Heavens trilogy.  Just when you were all psyched up for an ending that will see all evil vanquished and Emma Donahoe and John finally settling down to set up hose, some big unknown badass villain would do something to twist the story and spoil the peaceful, never mind HEA for I think that’ll be a long way coming for the pair of demon butt kicking kung-fu masters.

There and Back againI’ve got to admit, Blue Dragon was even more melodramatic, convoluted and action packed than its two predecessors, with an even more surprising twist in the end. You have to hand it to Ms Chan for weaving the sentimental angst and complicated combination of honour, integrity and selfless love so prevalent in Asian pugilistic novels into this epic fantasy series that has found a niche audience amongst readers over the world.

I think I’ve expressed, in a previous post, my delight at finally finding a Fantasy series which captures the essence of ancient Chinese beliefs and supernatural myths, and gives it contemporary context for the modern reader. It was not just a trip down memory lane for me.  It was a whole new adventure as well.

The Blue Dragon, begins with Emma trying to plumb the depths of her true nature, while her loved ones adjust to this new side of her.  While she is still exploring and stretching the limits of her supernatural abilities, danger came knocking, and with John’s very much weakened state, Emma has to assume the mantle of leadership and rally their own forces to put up some effective defence.

Even when she has some doubts about her own true nature, and while trying to deal with a betrayal in their midst, Emma must nonetheless find the courage and the wits to outfight, outlast and outwit their enemies.  Who are her real alliances and can they be trusted?  What’s the catch in John’s plan?  Will they ever be reunited?

Well, the last battle was truly amazing, but again, I was left in suspense for the reunion, although the epilogue seemed bleak.  But you can’t stop this hopeful fan from imagining and waiting for the silver lining in the cloud with the next instalment, which hopefully, the author would finish soon (BIG HINT to Ms Chan).

Apart from that grouse over being kept in suspense, this reader can only say, “Bravo! Brilliant wrap-up to the trilogy!  What a rollercoaster theme park ride!!”.  I would so love to see this series being turned into a movie or TV series.  It’s got box office hit material written all over it.  All it needs is a visionary producer and a director who respects the work as is, and try not to make this into his/her own agenda.

IMB rating: 5.0