Books: Three littleblackdress(es)

While I’m trying to get myself unstuck from reading Paul Theroux’s Blinding Light, here’s a collective review of three delightful liitleblackdress books, a publisher I’m beginning to like, I read recently.

Let’s begin with Rachel Gibson’s last two romances which complete the series on four writer friends.  I’m talking about ‘Tangled up in You’ and ‘Not Another Bad Date’, of course.

There and Back againTangled brought true crime writer Maddie Jones back to her hometown to confront her own horrifically tragic past.  In an attempt to exorcise the lingering tragedy and repercussions of her mother’s terrible murder at the hands of her lover’s enraged wife, she decided to trace back the crime to the surviving kids of the other family, who have since grown up, and write a book about it.  Only she didn’t count on her shaking the skeletons out of a few closets to get the whole town of Truly, Idaho so upset.

Particularly Mick Hennessey, the surviving son of her mom’s lover, whom she can’t seem to take her eyes off, and who’s mighty curious about her real intentions. While they can’t seem to fight off their heady attraction towards each other, they also can’t seem to agree on her need to continue writing the book.  But Maddie has a very compelling reason to finish her mission, but she neglected to explain why to Mick.  Will he understand?  Or will he just up and leave?

Not Another Bad Date had fantasy writer Adele Harris heading home to her hometown in search of some peace, and to support her pregnant sister whose husband left her after 14 years of marriage. What she didn’t expect was an old love to come knocking at her door. While she’s busy trying to stay away from drop dead gorgeous Zach, the widower is pulling out all the stops to get a second chance with her.  But no way is she letting near her heart, particularly since he was responsible for smashing it to smithereens when he up and married his cheerleading socialite girlfriend, her childhood tormentor. Is she headed for another heartbreak? Or will she find love and happiness at last?

New Additons to the shelfMs Gibson heats up the pages of these two heart-warming romances with some fast-paced plot developments and steamy action.  There were humourous  moments that lighten up the intense emotions a little. In “Bad Date’, which had some teenage girls as secondary characters, she really dug into their psyche, and the interaction between Maddie and Zach’s teenage daughter came across as realistic. Even Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, whose music both my kids dig, gets a token mention.  Overall, these two made pretty enjoyable reading.

My ratings:

Tangled up – 3.0

Not Another Bad Date – 3.0

New-to-me author Jill Mansell had me all gushing and laughing out loud with An Offer You Can’t Refuse, wherein the heroine Lola Malone was offered a whopping 10 thousand pounds to break up her boyfriend, Dougie.  And this from his mother, who didn’t seem to like the 17-year-old’s hold over her son.  Of course, Lola was enraged, but then a family crisis left her with no choice but to accept it. Broken hearted, and dejected, Lola left home to work abroad.

Books: Three littleblackdress(es)Now, ten years later, a twist of fate has brought her and Dougie together again.  Lola discovered that her feelings for him were still as strong as ever, but Dougie, having found out why she left him by now, and quite accidentally, was keeping her at arm’s length.  Will Lola ever convince him that they were meant for each other, especially since she can never tell him the truth?

This book has a good balance of laugh-out-loud funny and tear-splashing poignant moments that makes it such a surprisingly easy to enjoy light romance.  And, get this, the author didn’t even need any sensual action to prop up the plot.  It was all-in-all, a good chick-lit, which is rich in its characterisation, clever in its plot development and witty in its dialogues and lack of smutty stuff.  Totally smashing good read, which I ended up really liking.

Rating: 4.0