Book Review: Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas

Alright, I know I’m way overdue with the book review posts, and in getting acquainted with Hardy Cates and Liberty Jones. But with all the craziness that’s going on at work, I’m glad I have this blog to release a bit of that pressure.

A while back – gee, was it only just last year – when Lisa Kleypas announced a change of publisher, there was quite a bit of speculation amongst romance fans on how her writing would evolve.  One thing’s for sure … I like the covers of her books published under the Piatkus label.  They sure know how to dress up a book and make it upscale.

sugar_daddyAs for how Ms Kleypas’ writing has evolved, now that she’s dabbling in a bit more contemporary writing than her previous career at Avon, I can only say that I’m really looking forward to more of her works, although I’m not a huge fan of first-person narratives.

I’m probably one of the laggards who have only just recently cottoned on to Sugar Daddy. Sure, I enjoyed her writing, but it seems to contain echoes of her historical in the circumstances her heroine is faced with: being torn between two highly eligible rich guys, what a dilemma. I must say the author’s smart choice of heroine — a plucky, determined girl of mixed heritage in the spotlight, although she can be a little too saccharine sweet sometimes – worked very well on me at first.  And I definitely admire the way Liberty strove to eke out a quality life for herself and her little sister. But I was hoping to see Liberty succeed on her own a little more before the enigmatic sugar daddy, Chruchill Travis, came along.

The conflict between her and one of the rich suitors, Gage, and how their relationship transitioned from enemies to friends and more, was handled with sensitivity. Ultimately, this is an honest recounting of a gutsy, soft-hearted girl who gets a fairy-tale Cinderella ending because she has a heart of gold, and is not afraid of hardship.  She deserves some happiness at last for persisting and never giving up hope.  True blue romantics would be satisfied with the happily-ever-after that Liberty finally found.

This small town romance sure stirs up big reactions from adoration and delight to mixed feelings to disappointment. I kind of liked it for the feel-good mushiness it induced, even though Ms Kleypas’ new writing style does take some getting use to.

Rating: 3.5


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  1. I liked this one more than you did *g* not surprising ’cause she could almost just write a phone book and I’d love it. but even if you enjoyed this one half as much as I did – which you did more because half of 5 is 2.5 and you gave it a 3.5, you simply HAVE to read the sequel – Blue Eyed Devil. There is no triangle in it and it’s SUCH an emotional read!!

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