My Parisian Spring

Having never been to [the] French capital in springtime, I was really looking forward to my business trip, although my colleagues there warned me that it’d been raining quite a bit.

Well, the journey there via London was uneventful but the beautiful and sunny Sunday afternoon was partially wasted due to a baggage delay. But I managed to get out in the evening for dinner and a little stroll.  This time round, I put up in this charming, urban chic boutique hotel – Arvour St. Georges, not too far from the Montmarte area.

The friendly hotel staff was helpful in suggesting where to go, but I was contented to just wander around aimlessly just soaking in the Parisian night air. The second night, my colleagues took us to Queen, the hippest, most popular disco in, where else but, Champs Elysees, which looked really different from my last visit in December, less festive perhaps but still dazzling with its plethora of brand names and luxury boutiques. It was a good thing we had that wonderful evening, because the next night it rained, so I was more or less confined to the neighbourhood of the hotel.

I didn’t have the luxury of time to wander around the city this round, but it was good to see a different side of the city in slightly warmer climes.

The journey home was rather eventful. First off, the British Airways flight was late out of Paris, so when we touched down at Heathrow, we had barely half an hour to connect to my flight back. But the ground crew, instead of meeting us straight off the tarmac in a bus, made me and a few fellow passengers in the same plight run to another terminal trying to catch first our own flight, and failing which, a Qantas flight that’d been due to depart half an hour after ours.

We were doomed to miss it, what with all that running and waiting around, so in the end, we had to be rebooked on another flight the following day.  Being really anxious to get home, I insisted on the earliest one out, and that’s how lucky me got to experience my first A380 flight on Singapore Airlines. Suffice to say, this was the silver lining in the entire incident, so it mollified me somewhat.

Besides spacious seats and leg room, the in-flight entertainment is first-class even for poor old me travelling in economy, and there were power points for charging mobile devices, which I took full advantage of.  The larger screen made watching The Other Boleyn Girl really enjoyable.  But as I started on that movie rather too late, I missed the ending, so now I’m on the lookout for the video.  Eric Bana was magnificent as the young King Henry and Nathalie Portman was simply outstanding as Anne.

And, the best part of it all, I’m due back in France towards the end of the year for another visit, so it looks like I’m going to be getting to know the city better.


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  1. ag says:

    Thanks, CJ, Keishon. I enjoyed snapping those shots.

    Oh, I love wandering aimlessly sometimes,CJ.

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