All abuzz in Bookland

For a long time now, I’ve resisted ‘talking shop’ on my blog.  I mean, enough of talking about online marketing at work already … I should give it a rest when I’m back home, shouldn’t I?

But when I see how vibrant the book publishing industry is becoming, with readers, publishers and authors getting into the act, my fingers simply itched to pen down my thoughts and share.

I shall start off with this great news from the team who created Shelfari.  In case you haven’t been yet, the book community site has gotten a new look and added some new features. For one, photos and book covers are bigger.  I just love how my virtual shelf looks now.  Oh, and there are other stuff that they’ve done.  What I like is that they listened to what their users asked for.  Kudos to the team for getting closer to the hearts of the community population.  I didn’t mind the ads, which are tucked unobtrusively at the bottom and the side. Check their blog out for the full details.  I’m going to occupy myself this weekend updating my shelf.

The other email in my inbox which caught my eyes was this lovely ecard from Harper Collins giving readers the hotlink to Meg Cabot’s latest video blog in a promotion effort of her latest book. The overall design is consistent with Meg’s author page, and her whimsical musings when she was in the 8th grade. Go check it out. They’ve also made it easy for bloggers and readers to stick a book on their site with a pretty nifty widget.

At work, we’re planning to test social network and video sites in our marketing, so it heartens my heart to see the publishing community already making great cases out of it. For sure, social networking media is here to stay, and there’re definitely in my radar.