Holiday Reading

The whole family’s up early this morning to get on with the packing. I’ve taken vacation leave and we’re going to Cherating Beach for 4 days of sun, sand and sea.

Of course, on the top of my list are books for the journey (an 8-hour coach ride) plus some for the beach. Having finished Fallen and The Dangerous Gentleman on my recent business trip to Paris — yeah, lucky me … another jaunt to the City of Love and Light … there’s a horrid flight journey turned good there, but more of that when I return – these are the choices left to me:

Ice Storm (I should get on this soon)

Hunting the Demon

Sugar Daddy

Rhapsody or Stardust

sugar_daddy  Book Review: Ice Storm, Hunting the Demon

I was tempted to bring the Temeaire series, but it may be a bit too much, so let’s save it for later. More later …