Enthralled by C L Wilson’s Tairen Soul Novels

This magnificent fantasy epic was first brought to my attention by Katie, who named them her Top 2007 reads.  So, when I chanced upon the first two books of the series on a book buying binge, I swept them home and never regretted it.

Why? Lord of the Fading Lands and Lady of Light and Shadows deserve all the rave and praises that have been heaped on it since its debut. Author, C L Wilson combines superb character development, detailed universe building, the rich imagery and lush descriptive to make this series an astounding accomplishment for a maiden publishing effort. Believe me, the road to her getting published is inspiring and a great encouragement to all aspiring writers.

Indulging againWhat about these books found resonance with many romance and fantasy fans? To me, the premise of the eternal battle between good and evil and the search for the matching half of a person’s soul have timeless appeal.  Throw in the Fey folks, magic, political intrigue, suspense in the form of mysterious murders, insidious dark magic that threatens to overturn the balance of power, and a seemingly humble and obscure but kind and engaging heroine who comes into her undiscovered strength and magic, and you’ve got me sold on the story.

Add to that Ms Wilson’s tight plotting and manipulation of the various subplots and intrigues, breathtaking pace of action and you bet I was turning the pages from the first line in, staying up late and skipping the bed just to finish the tale.  The only thing that got a little tiring towards the end bit was the endless courting.  This got a little better in Lady when we see Ellie displaying some powers and insecurities about it.

Indulging againOh, and did I mention that the author created an entire Fey language for the universe she’s created? I’ve mixed feelings about that.  I think she’s trying to emulate Tolkien, being one of her influence in writing, but it came across a little cloying after a while.

If you need more convincing to read these two books, Sula, Ana and Thea, Terri, Rosario and of course Katie have more good things to say, although Janine at Dear Author feels lukewarm about it while Curled Up has mixed opinions about both books.

For the uninitiated, fly over here for the excerpts and summary.  I’ll just be waiting along with a lot of readers for October and the third book, King of Sword and Sky.