Coming to a Store Soon

Tonight being one of the rare occasions where I’m home early from work and the DH is out late, I decided to take a short tour round blogosphere, and I just couldn’t resist sharing these exciting news here.

First up, Sybil, has very kindly posted an excerpt of Lisa Kleypas’ upcoming wallflower reunion book, A Wallflower Christmas, which will be released this coming October. Oh, joy! It was a real treat for moi because the scene features Evie and St Vincent, my absolute favourite characters from the regency romance series. I’m sure fans of the series would have marked the release date down on their calendar.  While you’re over at TGTBTU, check out the discussion between the duckies and LisaK.

Oh, and I’m also eyeing these books to be released around the same time:

1. King of Sword and Sky by C L Wilson

2. Noah by Jacquelyn Frank

3. Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini singh

I don’t know about you but I’m already counting down till October.

Coming to a Store Soon king-of-sword-sky Book Review: Hostage to Pleasure