Starman and Sinner

Continuing the epic saga of Tencendor where the story left off in Enchanter, Sara Douglass once again brought the conflicts and triumph of the three different races – Avar, Icari and human – as well their emotions and courage to these two books.

starmanIn Starman, Axis finally fulfils his destiny and establishes a brand new Tencendor, but the peace loving Avar tribe is still hesitant about throwing the weight of their support behind Axis, particularly when they learn of Axis’s betrayal of Faraday. What will Axis have to do to convince them? For without their help in the creation of the Rainbow Sceptre, all that Axis and Azhure have strived for will come to nought. More mysteries abound … Azhure’s parentage, the identity of the Dark Man, the true role of the Sentinels, and the secret of the Prophecy.

After defeating Gorgrael and raising their children to take over the ruling of Tencendor, Axis and Azhure ‘retired’ to ponder the mysteries of the stars and universe with their companions of the Circle. But beneath the bucolic peace of the western and eastern countryside, resentment has been building with the unequal progress amongst different factions of the human population.  Sinner marks the beginning of an era of terror that makes Gorgrael’s deeds seem like child’s play.

When a murder in the royal family is committed, and a mutiny exploded in the face of a failed political negotiation, StarSon Caelum, who is as yet untried in warfare and crisis management, must rally his wits and support around him even as an even greater evil from beyond the stars threaten to rip Tencendor apart. Can the Tendendorians rally round their leader and face off this evil? I’ll definitely be finding that out in the next two books which completes the six-part series.

Indulging againI had mixed feelings about the conclusion of the story in Starman. Somehow, even though Gorgrael was defeated, one can’t help wishing the price Faraday paid could have been less steep, but they were all manipulated to a certain extent by Wolfstar. I had an inkling that some of the key characters will return to play an even more important part in subsequent instalments … and I was right. It was good to see Faraday returning to power in the Sinner, and Wolfstar being thwarted of his desires. I didn’t quite approve of the way Axis and Azhure treated their wayward son, Drago. Didn’t the last line of the prophecy indicate that forgiveness is the key to save Tencendor’s soul?

Because of their harsh treatment of Drago, I was certain that the ramifications of his upbringing would be manifested in the turmoil and upheaval that will be unleashed by the malevolent beings lurking just outside the Star Gate. It’s not just Wolfstar’s past coming back to haunt the SunSoar family, but also the original evil that the prophecy was trying to warn about. Turns out Axis and Azhure were just a means to an end. The next two books are definitely worth chasing down. I’m just waiting to see if a few other hunches about the plot development will turn out to be correct, but none of that here lest it spoils the story for would be fans of the series.

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