Calling all Georgette Heyer fans!

Sourcebooks has released reissues of some of the most beloved works from the prolific, and dare I say authoritative Regency romance writer, Georgette Heyer under its Casablanca label.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a new convert, there’s bound to be one amongst these six reissues that will capture your imagination. And the gorgeous new covers are not the only reason to check these Spring Heyer Titles out, amongst which these caught my eyes:

Book Review: False Colours, What Happens in London

False Colours sounds like double trouble to me … especially when Christopher “Kit” Fancot is asked by his financially desperate mother to masquerade as his missing twin brother, Evelyn and ended up falling in love with Evelyn’s betrothed, Cressy Stavely!

In Friday’s Child (April 2008), (my favourite cover amongst all the reissues) after being denied by the incomparable Miss Milbourne, Lord Sherrington decides to marry the next woman he sees … a recipe for sheer romantic comedy or major heartache? You decide … since that lucky lady happens to be penniless romantic, Miss Hero Wantage. Can the two work through a marriage of convenience, or is there an attraction there neither expected? Hmmm …


The Black Sheep (June 2008) throws spinster Abigail Wendover into the midst of a family scandal and the path of Miles Calver, black sheep of his estranged family, and uncle of her niece’s fortune hunting pursuer. I always maintain that there is unity in adversity, so it’s only natural to predict that these two unlikeliest of allies would wind up together. The joy now is in discovering how they arrive at their inevitable union.


 Royal Escape (June 2008) is one of Heyer’s most famous historical tales, relating he story of Charles II as he travels to France after the defeat of the Catholic King. Hiding in the English Countryside as a peasant for almost 6 weeks, Bonnie Prince Charlie befriends two young women, who aid him in his escape as an exiled King.

For more on the books, take a walk over to Sourcebooks.  Now which ones caught your eye? Pray tell.

4 thoughts on “Calling all Georgette Heyer fans!

  1. “False Colours” is my fave amongst the ones you listed, but my all-time favourite Heyer is probably hmm…. “Devil’s Cub”. Or “The Grand Sophy”. Or “Frederica”. I can’t really decide!

  2. These are really pretty editions. I’ve seen An Infamous Army in bookstores, but that’s not the one I want to buy. I think I’ll order False Colours from Amazon. 🙂 I love Heyer!

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