North & South: The Verdict

When Kristie decides to take up a cause, you can trust her to go all out for it. Just look at her crusading efforts and the converts she has made, and you can surely guess at the passion that stirs inside her heart. Why, if you need conviction, ask the readers whom she’s successfully persuaded to read Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas last year.

On the way

So, when she started crusading for readers and friends to give the BBC drama series North & South  a try, I decided to get the video and watch the series myself. Turns out all that swooning over le Armitage was no exaggeration and the series itself is every bit worth the lavish praises Kristie and her friends, and the many fan converts she’s made since the crusade began, had heaped on the story, plot development and the characters, and more!

From the first encounter between Margaret and John, I was drawn to the internal struggles and conflicting emotions fleeting across the heroine’s faces, and the quiet admiration shining through the eyes of the absolutely drool-worthy Armitage. As their inevitable attraction unfolds in the four-hour drama, I started cataloguing the intense looks and brooding glances which spoke volumes without John ever uttering the redeeming three words, and sometime after the second episode, I lost count and simply gave myself up to the thrill of ‘the look’ every time it happens.

I think one of the best moments for me, besides the last reunion and confession at the station was the part when Margaret rushed forward to shield John from the strikers’ attack without a single thought to her own safety. That single sub-conscious act spoke louder than any declaration of love she could have uttered but in true Austen spirit, she has to deny her feelings and pretend an indifference to John’s proposal. It reminded me strongly of Lizzie’s disdainful and vehement rejection of Darcy’s first proposal at the Collinses.

Like Lizzie, Margaret was to later regret that decision. I think that’s why she treasured the chance encounter at the train station that much … it was as if God has given her a second chance … destiny comes knocking again. And maybe because they’d nearly lost and in the end found each other, the happily-ever-after is ever more the sweeter.

So, the verdict for this gripping romantic drama? TWO THUMBS UP!!

And now, please enjoy my favourite fan video featuring this beautiful song by Josh Groban posted on YouTube by PoleStar. (okay … the embedding didn’t work so, here’s the link to that fab fan video and my favourite scene at the station.)

6 thoughts on “North & South: The Verdict

  1. LOL … yes Kristie, there were simply too many wonderful moments in this drama. Tell Katie he has a fine nose indeed, but it’s his eyes that mesmerises. 🙂

  2. OMG Kristie I love his eyes, then his ching then I go to his cheeks how weird is that . (According to hubby that is indeed very strange!) Glad you liked it! One of my all time favs.

  3. And after she saves him, when he is about to propose, she said she would do it for anyone – silly girl!

    In the meantime


    Two thumbs up eh? Isn’t it wonderful? There are so many lovely wonderful moments in this series. Every time I see it, I have another one.
    And I love the video with Josh Groban. I haven’t seen that one. That kiss at the end – oh be still my heart!

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