Crazy Cool, Lessons, Mine till Midnight

It’s been two crazy weeks of non-stop preparation for the launch of another website, and the company annual dinner, so much so that now that the party’s over and we’ll know for sure if the site’s ready for take-off on Monday, I find myself with some time on hand, so what better thing to do than a quick catch up on all those review posts. So here goes …

Crazy Cool, Lessons, Mine till Midnight

Now, Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen, has been on my TBR list ever since Kristie and Cindy, put it on their Top 25 (?) lists two years ago. So, it was with much anticipation that I finally got a hold of one copy and settled down to read. Hmmm … the action scenes, the suspense (two murder mysteries to solve) and the build-up of romantic tension were what I expected, so no complaints there. However, I did find one or two of the detours e.g. Kidd and whats-her-name making out, a little annoying. Overall, this book is packed with equal amounts of romance, adventure, action and suspense to provide an entertaining evening read.

Being a fan of Madeline Hunter, I snapped up Lessons of Desire, the sequel to The Rules of Seduction, the moment I spied it in the store, and never regretted it. This follow-up is every bit as poignant, well-written and rich in its background and the author’s attention to details as her other books. I must confess that I enjoyed this book more than Ms Janzen’s. It’s more my kind of book … um, I seldom found find contemporary romances to my liking. Than again, you can say I live in the past, for most of the books which appeal to me are either historical or fantastical or medieval fiction. Guess that gives away what you’ll find on my shelf, huh?

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Back to Lessons, I adore how Ms Hunter portray the conflicts in the relationship between the hero, Elliot, and heroine, Phaedra due to her very unconventional attitude towards love, and her strong beliefs in women’s independence/ freedom. The entire affair started with Elliot entering into a bargain with Phaedra which involves his rescuing her from [being] arrested in exchange for her halting the publishing publication of her late father’s memoirs. As the story unfolds in the lush countryside of Italy, the reader is riveted to the developing friendship and tension between the two, while the mystery surrounding Phaedra’s mother’s inexplicable demise is slowly being uncovered. You can depend on Ms Hunter to deliver well-rounded characters who engage the reader’s interest and a storyline that will keep you enthralled. I certainly was, and very happily so.

Crazy Cool, Lessons, Mine till Midnight

It has been a while since Scandal in Spring, so Lisa KleypasMine Till Midnight is another book that I was looking very much forward to, as, I’m sure, many fans of her Wallflowers quartet. Simply because of one unforgettable character … Cam Rohan, who stole the hearts of many readers with his supporting appearance in Devil in Winter. I think I speak for many fans, when I confessed that I had been hoping Ms Kleypas would give this enigmatic half-gypsy someone worthy to love.

And he did, in this book. Amelia Hathaway isn’t your typical wilting flower although she struggles to maintain a staid composure in front of an irreverent Rohan. It was also touching that Kleypas treated the prejudices towards the Rom with sensitivity and tries to bridge the understanding of Rohan’s ancestral roots by having him explain customs and beliefs to Amelia, whose subsequent stout defense of Rohan betrayed her true feelings towards the hero. All in all, this was another satisfying read from Kleypas.


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  1. Oh, I love Kidd. You are introduced to him in the first book (Crazy Hot, I believe.) I can see how, if you have not read that one, their storyline would seem random and annoying. Go back and read the first one. It will make you long to read Kidd’s book, which is still in my TBR pile.

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