Lend Bookwish.org a helping hand

Inspired by a Washington Post article describing a Darfur refugee’s longing for books, Lorraine and Logan Kleinwaks started a nonprofit, Book Wish Foundation, to provide reading relief for people in crisis. “Reading relief,” to this group of volunteers, goes beyond providing books. It encompasses all of the aid that makes reading possible.

Lend Bookwish.org a helping hand

This non-profit organisation’s first project focuses on three Darfur refugee camps in Eastern Chad (more than 60,000 residents, 20,000 of them students) and 18 nearby villages (with more than 19,000 people enrolled in literacy, primary school, or pre-school programs).

On the Wish List for this project are requests from their ground partner, UK-based charity CORD, for library construction, reading glasses, English language course material, secondary school textbooks, dictionaries, solar-powered CD players (to play the audio component of the English language course), and school supplies.

Their website just opened to the public yesterday, and each requirement is described in detail on the site. If you’re a bibliophile, and you feel for the refugees, here are some ways you can help:

  1. Spread the word to book lovers about their mission and needs
  2. Donate supplies and books, or cash
  3. Or, link to www.bookwish.org and help build traffic to their site

Go on, make some kid’s day brighter today.