Moonlight Becomes You and H.R.H

Forgive me the silence. The traveling, the projects piling up, and the pressure deadlines, are getting to me. But the reading and posting must go on nonetheless, so here are my reviews of two more books from a recent journey.

Mary Higgins Clark is another favourite suspense writer of mine and re-reading Moonlight Becomes You made me recall all the reasons why this author is highly acclaimed for her singular ability to electrify you with her fast moving prose, heart-stopping suspense and clever plot twists. This book throws fashion photographer Maggie Holloway into a potboiler of a murder mystery involving her former stepmother with whom she was happily reunited at a party.

Moonlight Becomes You and H.R.H

Aside from the mysterious change of will that leaves Maggie the sole beneficiary of everything with a strange stipulation that she visits an old friend of her stepmother’s, there seems to be no clues as to who the murderer might be, until a visit to a graveyard and the subsequent sudden death of her stepmom’s friend raised alarm bells in her head.

Maggie became the target of the killer as she starts asking questions. But who can it be? The batty cousin who’s obsessed with death rituals and even lectures on it? The incompetent doctor at the retiring home? Or the no-good broker who’s pushing her to sell the house left to her? And what about the other cousin whose growing interest in her may not be all just of the romantic nature? Then, there’s the lawyer who lied about the value of her stepmother’s house … Suddenly, everyone who used to call her stepmother friend comes under suspicion. But who can she trust?

The real clincher was the last five chapters when Maggie was trapped by the killer without even having seen his/her face. I’m not going to elaborate otherwise it’ll spoil the story for those who’ve not read it. But, this has got to be one of Clark’s best work, and it’s absolutely stunning how she throws you off the scent and pounces on you in the end with a brilliant ending.


It’s been a long, long while since I pick up a Danielle Steel novel. I bought H.R.H on a whim while in transit at the Hong Kong airport as I’d run out of books to read – having finished those two I brought with me on that trip.

The storyline is fairly typical of one on the royalty, but with the heroine, a princess of a European principality with a penchant for real humanitarian work, falling for a commoner, but getting her happy-ever-after at a high price of loosing her only family — dear papa and brother – to a political sabotage involving car bombs. All I can say is that it helped pass the time but was forgettable unlike her previous heartwarming stories.

I finished it, sucker that I was, because the in-flight entertainment selections were mostly movies I’ve watched on the big screen. So, if you’ve time to kill, this book is pleasant enough but don’t count on it being an earth-shaking experience. The fact that I’ve forgotten the names of both hero and heroine would have tipped you off on that. This is definitely one for the give-away pile.


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  1. I love Mary Higgins Clark. I read A LOT of her books in high school/8th grade. Moonlight Becomes You and Loves, Music, Loves to Dance were my very top favorites.

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