Calling all Georgette Heyer fans

Before I fly off to Bangkok later this morning, here’s some good news for Heyer fans who have always lamented over the scarcity of her backlist titles in the store.

On the way

The thoughtful team at Sourcebooks is re-releasing Cotillion by Georgette Heyer in trade paperback. This is one of the most beloved novels by the Queen of Regency Romance and the press release makes me itch to pick up a copy to read. The cover is attractive and the storyline simply sparkles with possibilities.

The synopsis goes …

Great-uncle Matthew Penicuik sends for his four great-nephews — he is nearing death and will bequeath his entire fortune to his young ward, Kitty, provided she marries one of them. The obsequious Reverend Hugh, the somewhat addled Lord Dolphinton, and the hapless Lord Freddy Standen dutifully arrive, but the one great-nephew who Kitty loves, the wild and unpredictable Jack, refuses to be summoned. 

Kitty, desperate to get to London and see if she can turn the tide of her fate, arranges a sham betrothal with Freddy, who is by no means a typical Romance hero. He’s immensely rich, of course, and not bad-looking, especially with his ultra-starched shirt points and elegant quizzing glass, but hardly a ladies’ man.  The two head for London, where a series of hilarious mishaps threaten their charade. But Freddy discovers hitherto unplumbed depths of cleverness and practicality beneath his dandyish exterior, and Kitty discovers that the rake she was in love with can’t hold a candle to her Freddy. He sets every mishap and adventure to rights in the end, surprising all (especially himself).

No stranger to romance fans the world over, Georgette Heyer has been credited with more than 50 novels, including Regency romances, mysteries and historical fiction. I’ve read a couple of her romance before and what I liked most was the attention to historical details, the unusual plots and sometimes unexpected pairings she pulls off. Cotillion reads like another enjoyable one. It’s going up on my to-buy list.

I’m trying to catch up on all my reviews, so pardon the short posts in between travels. I promise to make up for it in December, and with more pictures from my trips. And now, I’m off to get my beauty rest …