Checking in from Tokyo

Just a quick flyby post after the delicous kaiseki meal my colleagues took us to on this my first night back in this amazing city.

It’s autumn here, and although the air is a bit chilly, it’s surprisingly quiet in Shinjuku area where I’m staying this time round.  Despite the occasional nippy bite of the wind, I could get by on just a long-sleeved sweater over a tank and jeans and boots.   The view from my hotel window is simply breathtaking.

Overlooking the connecting bridge that grants guests access to Takashimaya Times Square, one can gaze at the bright neon signs in the distant and just be lost in the dignified beauty of this ultra modern capital as the rhythmic clackety-clack of the metro lulls you to sleep with its symphony of a metropolis.

Night all … am pooped after that overnight flight … yawn. Look for pictures upon return.