Exciting New Releases

Just returned from the truly Asia capital of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with two fab new works, one from Elizabeth Thornton and the other by Julia Quinn!! But more of that later, this is a quick post to share recent developments before I dive back into the story of Ash Denison in The Pleasure Trap.

Exciting New Releases

Before I left for Kuala Lumpur, I received two very exciting emails. Michael Betcherman, one of the authors of The Daughters of Freya, an email mystery I enjoyed, wrote to inform me of this new romantic comedy, Suzanne, he’s written and launched recently. He offered to sign me up and I accepted after reading the synopsis and the three preview emails. What can I say? I’m a voyeur deep down inside who simply enjoys reading other people’s emails. Nah, seriously, this was an entertaining story for me, and I totally blame Michael for keeping me up all night just so I could finish the story and find out if the heroine, Suzanne, found true love. But more of that in a separate post.

The next email had me feeling all at once flattered and humbled. Leigh Albright of Sourcebooks wrote me with news of two new titles premiering this October:

The first is Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake, a paranormal time-travel novel by Laurie Brown. It is scheduled to hit stores October 16th. The second is No Regrets, a Regency with an unusual heroine, by Michele Ann Young, that is already building buzz after receiving a four star review from The Romantic Times. It should be in stores October 23rd.

Exciting New Releases

When asked if I would be interested in reviewing one or both titles, I chose Laurie Brown’s work. It reads like a time-travel Regency Paranormal romance with a mystery tied to it, so of course I’m game. I was concerned about shipping arrangements as I live outside the states, but Ms Albight was very gracious about it. She was also very understanding of my personal policy of giving a balanced review – I would reveal what works and what doesn’t don’t for me. My esteem of her professionalism rose another notch when I came home early this morning from the airport to find the package, which arrived while I was overseas, waiting for me. And I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to reading Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake.

For now, I’ll leave you with the press release of the two books.

“The familiar marriage of convenience plot spins into an engaging and adventurous story. A hero and heroine who don’t quite fit the conventional mold make for some interesting surprises and unexpected twists.”

The Romantic Times

She couldn’t believe he’d be attracted to a body like hers . . .

Regency romances have been popular for years with their debonair heroes and their gorgeous, pristine, and often unrelatable damsels in distress. That is why Sourcebooks, Inc. is proud to shake up the Regency romance world with No Regrets by Michèle Ann Young (ISBN: 978-1-4022-1016-7; Romance/Fiction; October 23, 2007; $6.99 U.S./$8.99 CAN/£3.99 UK), the salacious novel about an unlikely heroine and her unruly rake.

Plump and voluptuous, Carolyn Torrington feels like the dowdy vicar’s daughter among the slim and sophisticated beauties of her day. But to the dashing Lord Lucas Foxhaven, her luscious curves and subtle beauty are an irresistible temptation. And when these childhood friends join in a marriage of convenience, the smoldering fires between them blaze with tension—and misunderstanding.

Every time Lucas takes Caro in his arms he becomes overwhelmed with guilt for betraying the innocence of a trusted friend. At the same time, Caro mistakes his withdrawal from her as repulsion by her body. But when Carolyn is kidnapped, Lucas must come to her rescue, and as scandal and deception unravel the unlikely pair embarks on an adventure that can only bring them closer together.

With its unconventional ingénue, No Regrets is already capturing romance readers’ attention as a Romantic Times BOOKclubAmerican Title II finalist. And Carolyn Torrington is sure to capture their hearts too, as the Bridget Jones of the Regency area. Every woman can relate to the plain vicar’s daughter, and will love watching her come out from hiding behind her spectacles to win the love of a tall, dark and handsome rogue.

About the Author
Michèle Ann Young crafts her second novel with all the suspense and scandal that a Regency romance deserves. Born and educated in England, Michèle loved history, and as a voracious reader of historical novels, she became fascinated with the Regency era. With all the glitz and glamour of high society, the age is modern enough to be familiar some two hundred years later.

Michèle is the author of the acclaimed novel Pistols at Dawn, which won first place in the Toronto Romance Writers Golden Opportunity Contest in 2003. She currently lives and writes in Ontario, Canada. Each summer she returns to England to visit family and research her next novel. Please visit Michèle at her website: http://www.micheleannyoung.com/.


Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake
She must choose between the ghost who lured her back in time and the man himself…

Paranormal romance has quickly become the top-selling romance subgenre, with a following that continues to grow. That is why Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc., is thrilled to present a time-travel paranormal romance novel from the author of The Christmas WeddingHundreds of Years to Reform a Rake by Laurie Brown (ISBN: 978-1-4022-1013-6; Romance/Fiction/Paranormal; October 16, 2007; $6.99 U.S./$8.99 CAN/£3.99 UK).

Josie Drummond is a professional paranormal investigator, hired to prove that the ghost of Lord Deverell Thornton, the notorious and handsome libertine earl, haunts Castle Waite. Little does she know that it is the ghost himself who sent for her. Deverell must take Josie back in time to help him unmask the dangerous charlatan who uses midnight séances to swindle his mother out of the family fortune, ultimately threatening the fate of his modern-day relatives and beloved castle.

Lured back in time by the captivating ghost, Josie must contend with being a modern career woman trying to navigate the complex social scene of the Regency period, making sure no one discovers her real identity, and embarking on the perilous mission of exposing the evil Madame X. However, Josie’s most difficult task will be resisting the seduction of the earl himself, who cannot help but find this woman, who is so different from all those he has known before, incredibly enticing.

As the electric magnetism between Dev and Josie heats up, the rakehell begins to wonder if his fascination with her is more than merely physical. However, he may not have the opportunity to find out. Time is quickly running out for the lovers, as the longer Josie stays in the past, the more she forgets her own present—the life that hasn’t really happened yet. In the end she must choose between the ghost who enthralled her and the man himself.

Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rakeis a devilishly sexy adventure that is the fulfillment of every modern Regency fan’s ultimate fantasy—to travel back in time and tame a true unruly Regency rake. Readers will fall in love with Deverell’s unscrupulous ways, and will love him even more when Josie awakens his heart to reveal the gentleman behind the rogue.

About the Author
Laurie Brown teaches writing classes at the college level and has presented seminars at conferences all over the country, including the RWA national conference. She has three published romance novels, and has been a Golden Heart finalist twice and has received the Service Award from the Chicago-North Chapter of RWA. She lives in Glendale Heights, IL.