Scorching Visions of Heat

What a good day it was for paranormal fans when Nalini Singh came up with this fantastic universe of Changelings and a psychic super race.

Having enslaved many fans with her serial debut, Slave to Sensation, the author has gone on to blaze a new path to bestselling success with the scorching Visions of Heat, and she looks set to score another with the recently released follow-up Caressed by Ice, judging by the favourable reviews the latter has received thus far. For a synopsis of the plot, go here … I’m simply going to tell you why this book works for me.


This is one author who pays attention to the details that go into building up a fantasy world, and it shows in the consistency of what was revealed in the first book, and reinforced in this sequel, as well as through revelations from the characters and insights gained through their experience.

I like that both Faith and Vaughn are strong characters, share similar their circumstances in their emotionally devoid lonesome state, even though Faith has a family so to speak. They were purrfect for each other. Kristie mentioned that she wasn’t too enamoured of the lead characters’ almost annoyingly adolescent display of affection in public. It didn’t bother me too much … although at some point Vaughn’s over protectiveness almost drove me wild.

I also sensed that this book is a bridge of sorts, building up readers’ expectations and preparing them for Judd’s story. So even though there wasn’t a big confrontational battle like in the first, there was a significant point made – that of the growing impotence of the Psy council to stop the inevitable discovery of emotions and more dropouts to come. I also think Faith’s father secretly does care for her even if it’s couched in the interest of protecting the Nightstar clan’s family business.

Want to hear other readers’ views of the book? Hop over to Zeek, Casee, Shuzluva, Kristie and Jane. Call me a serial junkie if you like, but this is one series I’m definitely following.


3 thoughts on “Scorching Visions of Heat

  1. So far, Caressed by Ice is my favorite story in this series. I thought Visions of Heat was all right, but the Faith and Vaughn didn’t draw me in nearly as much as Lucas and Sascha did.

    I do like what seems to be building within the Psy community, though, and I found Faith’s father interesting, too.

  2. I finally got around to starting this series after a serious funk w/ the paranormal genre. Between this series and the Black Dagger series by J.R. Ward my interest in the paranormals might just be jump started again! I should be starting Visions of Heat soon….looking forward to more in this series! 🙂

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