Mr Impossible and the Goddess of Love

When more than two readers put a book on their best read list, you know you can’t go wrong especially if the novel features a hero that’s impossible to hate.

Reading Mr Impossible by Loretta Chase was like watching the movie The Mummy albeit set a couple of hundreds of years earlier: exciting, and heartmeltingly romantic. The insidious danger that threw the roguish Rupert Carsington and scholarly Daphne Pembroke together, the majestic beauty of Egypt and the thrill of the rescue mission adds to the tension between the two leads that make this a real romantic adventure comedy a la Romancing the Stone, Raiders of the Lost Ark, but with sexy undertones that add sizzle.


It sets you turning page after page to discover where our protagonists and the villains are headed next, and what perils lie in wait of our H/H, not mention when they are finally going to break their tenuous control of the attraction between them and take the relationship further. The readers could already tell where it’s all headed, and even when the Daphne believed Rupert dead, we knew better.

This wonderful work of Ms Chase’s is at once witty, funny, touching, wickedly sexy and fascinatingly detailed. It is no wonder Kristie and Cindy listed this as one of their faves, and I owe them a big ‘thanks’ for the great recommendation.  For the plot summary, check out this page (scroll and click on backcover).

Gone Book Shopping ... Again!

I had high expectations of Goddess of Love after the smashing success that was P C Cast’s Goddess Summoning series, quite a number of which I enjoyed. This fifth instalment generated mixed feelings in me.

You see, I’d always been sympathetic to Vulcan’s plight, so I was all excited when I read the synopsis of this book after Goddess of the Rose.  I was thinking, at long last, this misunderstood guy is finally going to get some love.  Well, he did, but not with Venus. I’d always secretly hoped the pair would reconcile their differences, but I can’t say the solution to their situation thrilled me although it was an ingenious way out of what would have been a tragic ending for two pairs of lovers and possible marriages. I can’t possible explain more without giving away the book for those who haven’t read it.

Suffice to say, I’m glad there were happy endings for all main characters. And Zeus and Hera are seen positively as wise and caring divine parents, so it turned out to be quite a heartwarming family drama in the end.


5 thoughts on “Mr Impossible and the Goddess of Love

  1. ag says:

    Thanks so much for dropping by, Melissa. Am glad you found more to add to your list. Enjoy, and do drop by now and then.

  2. Melissa says:

    I haven’t read any of Loretta’s work yet. I’m so new to the romance area. My first romance novel was highly recommedned to me, which I absolutely loved, I couldn’t put it down. After coming across your site, I think it is safe to say that there is a high possibility to add more to my best books list. Thanks for having such a great and informative site.

  3. ag says:

    Oh, Ames, Rupert is impossible to dislike. He’s such an adorable rogue.

    Cindy, I haven’t read enough of Loretta Chase’s work to judge perfection, but I’ll take your word for it.

  4. I prefer Lord of Scoundrels to Mr. Impossible. I liked Mr. Impossible, but I don’t love it the way a lot of others seem to. LOL Maybe I should reread it?

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