Magnificent Magic Study

Put this on your must-read list if Maria Snyder’s powerful fantasy adventure thriller Poison Study, made your pulse race as it did to me. This book is definitely one of my best buys of the year, and it’s worth every penny and more of its hardcover price!!

Another Book Shopping Spree

Yelena is off to another great journey to master her control of her magical skills in Magic Study. After all that suspense and political intrigue, you’d be a fool to expect Snyder to give Yelena a quiet year of learning the ropes of casting spells. Not only did the heroine excelled in her classes, she discovered a latent, and diabolical, magic skill that, used incorrectly or uncontrollably, could bring about chaos in the two kingdoms, but would make her the most powerful and feared sorcerer of her generation.

With such a dilemma as this, would you expect anything less than dark evil, political intrigue, betrayal and exciting confrontations and magical battles? I didn’t think so.

The author builds up the pace of the story with the superb story-telling skills and imaginative plot angles that were the hallmark of her first novel. There is tension again, this time between Yelena and her brother, and I like how the conflicting emotions and subtle sibling rivalry is played up without it being too much of a scene stealer. This is ultimately, Yelena’s journey to find her identity as a magician, and the uncovering of new skills, making new friends and seeing her put her resourcefulness to good use was really gratifying for me.

Yelena grows in her strength and diplomatic skills in this book, and her rites of passage was every bit as absorbing as the budding romance between Valek and her in the first book. There were several scenes touching on that relationship in this follow-up, and as one of the key plot angles, this quickly became an integral part of Yelena’s journey to find her place in her homeland.

From the way the story progressed, the best is yet to come so you can count on me to be on the watch-out for the third. Kailana, Mailyn and Jennie are all spot-on when they recommended this follow-up. This sure is a KEEPER.


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