Loving Harry and the Deathly Hallows

How much do I love thee, Harry? Let me count the ways …

I love how you have grown more matured and less hotheaded in this the last of your adventures. I love how you patiently bid your time to reveal your last strategy towards the end. The impetuous youth in your past would have rushed headlong into trouble and jeopardize the situation by being over anxious. But your sense of justice prevails as always.

Loving Harry and the Deathly Hallows

I love how you really learned to listen to Hermione this time around, and chose to act for the greater good rather than shore up your defences with what would have been the most coveted weapon. In acting thus, you again showed us how truly selfless you are.

I love how you learnt to accept Snape’s actions and perhaps, understand why he was such a conflicted person in his love for your mother and his unwilling defence and protection of you. Reluctant though he may be, he was still shielding you from Voldemort until the very end.

I love how you at last accepted that Dumbledore has his faults and to understand why he became who he was, never revealing the constant guilt and doubts burdening his soul. He is not infallible after all, and no matter how mighty and illustrious he is, he’s a human after all with past foibles and sins to atone for.

I love the big-hearted way you welcomed Ron back after that momentous split and I love how you both were reunited. Although I’d guessed the identity of the silver doe patronus’ owner when it came to you in the forest, I love how you never guessed who it belongs to and yet trusted your instincts – else you never would have found the real sword of Gryffindor.

I also love how you allowed your mates, Ron and Neville, to wield the sword of Gryffindor to destroy the horcruxes. You’ve always been a fair-minded and righteous person and you’ve remained true to your friends until the end.

I love how you treated Hermione with great sensitivity and appreciation after Ron left. The solidarity and trust you’ve both shown towards each other is an inspiration of how real friendship should be.

I love how you and Hermione treated Kreacher with the compassion and kindness that has long been absent in his life. It is because of the empathy you’ve shown which gave him the courage and the drive to avenge his beloved master and led to his support of your cause. Of course, it was sad that Dobby was sacrificed, but I love the dignified way you sent him off.

I love how you never waver from your mission and purpose, even though you were wracked with longing to see Ginny.

Most of all, I love how you finally have a happy ending and a family. It is for all these reasons that I think J K Rowling deserves the biggest applause for bringing a satisfactory conclusion to all your fans. Although there were one or two points that require a little pondering still, she has truly wrought a powerful poignant battle to a very gratifying end. In a way, I’m sad that we’ll never read another of your adventures, but I’m really glad she allowed a glimpse of your future. It sure was a peaceful, blissful picture.