G'Day from Sydney

Just a quick post to wish you G’Day from scenic Sydney, pictures and more to come when I’m back home.

For now, my most pressing decision is which markets to visit. This came after catching HP and the Order of the Phoenix at IMAX last night.  It was explosive, that fight in the Department of Mysteries, compared to what we caught in a normal cinema screen the Saturday before I left for Sydney.

I’ve already released a book and have one more to go. For my reading pleasure, I’ve brought along Ice Blue by Anne Stuart and Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, having finished Killing Time by Linda Howard my second night here.

Am very tempted to just spend the day reading in Hyde Park.  The weather is lovely although freezing cold when the wind blows. But I’m warmly dressed, and there’s gift hunting to do … so now, it’s either Paddo (Paddington Markets) or Paddy’s. 

More later … I promise. Have to dash now.


One thought on “G'Day from Sydney

  1. I could have sworn I made a comment on this entry before. LOL.

    Hope you are having tons of fun. Jealous that you got to see HP in the IMAX!

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