Announcng the arrival of …

My Amazon book orders, ahead of the anticipated date!! I’m officially in book heaven tonight! Not only are these books much eagerly awaited, but the covers of some of them are simply gorgeous!!

For a start, I love the whimsical font embossed in gold used on the cover of Maria Snyder’s Magic Study. The hardcover is worth every penny just so I can continue with Yelena’s adventure. Goddess of Love also spots a similarly fanciful font but embossed in matt gold.

Another Book Shopping Spree Gone Book Shopping ... Again!

Nalini Singh’s Visions of Heat glows with a dark background that brings out the figure silhouetted against it, with the leopard spots clearly visible and giving the cover model a feral, dangerous allure.

By far the most eye-catching cover belongs to The Nightwalkers: Gideon by Jacquelyn Frank. This book cover has a dark silvery sheen, and is a stunning follow-on to the gilded gold cover of its debut Jacob. The word Gideon and the author’s name are embossed in red and white respectively, giving the book texture and class.

Gone Book Shopping ... Again!  visions

My only headache would be to decide which books to bring along to Sydney. Decisions, decisions …


3 thoughts on “Announcng the arrival of …

  1. I think I vote for Magic Study too. I loved it.

    I’d kind of like the Magic Study hardcover to match my Poison Study, but can’t afford it, so I’ll have to go to the trade reprint coming out later this year.

    Yay for new book days. I’m having one too, thanks to you and I really appreciate it.

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