Double Bonanza Giveaway

No, you’re not dreaming. And yes, I’m giving away some books from my collection to mark the second year of this (mostly) book blog.

To be precise, I’ve got three pairs of books, each set by the same author, to give away this round, and they’re all in excellent condition. Without further ado, here are the three pairs of books I’m giving away:

1. The Divine Duo

Divine by Mistake and Divine by Choice by P C Cast

There I Go AgainOops, I did IT Again!

Those who’re familiar with her works would know of these books chronicling high school teacher, Shannon Parker’s adventures in Partholon. This divine duo is yours for the asking now!

2. MacAlister Duet

Blow Me Down and Hard Day’s Knight by Katie MacAlister.

Hard Day’s Knight Double Bonanza Giveaway

Blow Me Down drew my eye with its cover, and blew me away with its wicked wit and humour. Hard Days’ Knight knocked me off with its toungue-in-cheek look at modern romance. These two comical romantic fantasies are perfect if you’re looking for an evening of light-hearted entertaining read.

3. Double the Vampire Fun

After Midnight and The Vampire Who Loved Me by Teresa Medeiros

An ‘After Midnight’ Tryst with Teresa More good books

Ms Medeiros will always be remembered as the one who Turned me into a paranormal romance lover with her book The Vampire Who Loved Me, a follow-up to the slayer romance, After Midnight.

Portia and Julian’s story elicited sweet heartache and much sighing from me, I think those venturing into paranormal may want to dip their toes in these before progressing to darker stuff.

Alright, so much for the pimping, it’s now time for you to play. Simply drop a comment to this post to let me know which pair you’d like to try, and I’ll send them on to you. It’s that easy.

15 thoughts on “Double Bonanza Giveaway

  1. hi rachelle,

    yes please. would you send it to booklover [at] at your earliest convenience. I’ll pop the books in the mail for you. hear from you then!

  2. Hi Rachelle,

    Sorry but I’ve carted off the MacAlister duet to Cindy. There’s the Teresa Medeiros pair left, if you haven’t read those. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi Kristie, thanks! Yep, time sure flies when you’re enjoying yourself. Mailyn, thanks for the tip-off. I’m hotfooting to yours now …

  4. Kerry, no problems. Just send me your address at my email booklover [at]

    Hey Cindy, I’m making it easy cos I’m too lazy to come up with quizzes and whatnot. I’d prefer that different people get the books this round though. So they’re yours for the asking. That simple.

  5. I’d love to read the PC Cast pair. I’ve had my eye on “Divine by Mistake” for a while, but haven’t taken the plunge.

    However, I’m in New Zealand, so if you don’t want me to play, I’ll understand completely.

  6. Hmmm, I wouldn’t mind the Katie MacAlister books. So all I have to do is comment? You’re making this too easy 😉

    I have a huge TBR pile so if someone else comes and would like to have those books it’s all good.


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