Divine By Choice

It wasn’t too long ago that I was introduced to the delightful P C Cast and her wonderful stories of Partholon, where high school teacher, Shannon Parker, was thrown into.

This time round, in Divine by Choice, she was wrenched unwillingly back to the modern world by the reincarnated mirror of her centaur husband from Divine by Mistake, to battle the same evil Formorian monster she helped defeat in the debut novel.

There I Go Again

While I eagerly chased down Shannon’s adventures in this book, I was slightly dismayed that her condition (she’s pregnant with ClanFintan’s child) prevented her from taking a more active role in the fight against the evil Nuada, as she did in Partholon. Make no mistake though, she did her part in channeling the powers of nature and her Goddess Epona to help Clint, the modern-day High Shaman mirror of her centaur hubby, send evil back to the hell it sprung from.

However, I still miss her rallying and tough fighting image. Let’s admit it, I missed the terror and the gore and the exhilaration the full-blown battle in book one brought. I wonder if this was a result of my reading of too many dark paranormal tales and medieval battle scenes.

Nevertheless, P C Cast has yet again drawn me into the story with her irrepressible humour and her sassy irreverent heroine. I couldn’t help liking Clint more than ClanFintan (uh oh …) if only because of his noble sacrifice to send Shannon back to the world where she was exchanged, and which needed her. Somehow, the bittersweet ending saved the book from being too idealistic and a sickeningly perfect but totally unbelievable HEA if Cast has somehow contrived to let Shannon have the best of both worlds by leaving Clint unharmed. In so doing, she has probably entombed Clint in the hallowed halls of selfless noble love. The kind that makes troubadours and minstrels compose ballads to, and it is fitting that such a hero should at last find resting peace.

I can’t wait to get my hands on her next Goddess Summoning book. For now, I’m content to let Partholon lie now that evil is once again vanquished.

One thought on “Divine By Choice

  1. I’ve always loved Greek and Roman mythology. I used to read soooo much when I was growing up I literally ran out of books to read on the subject at our public library.

    P.S. I changed my layout again. LOL.

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