Pirates Rule Again!

Mailyn, you’re absolutely right! PoTC3: At World’s End rocks!!! The kids and I agree that movie 3 is the best ever. And we’re all looking forward to the next adventure of Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth Turner.


You see, I am convinced that Captain Jack is going to contrive to find the Fountain/ Water of Life/ Youth and restore Will so that Elizabeth and he can have a happily ever after, as the ending clearly hints at that. He has a good heart underneath all that cunning and wile. I also believe there’s no way the producers are leaving things hanging the way it is, tearing apart the lovers just when they finally got back together. It’s going to be the height of cruelty, and I think this series is still too good a money spinner to let it die just like that.

Pirates Rule Again!

So, here’s a petition to Mr Jerry B and the Walt Disney bosses to present a satisfactory conclusion (and by that, I mean reunite Elizabeth with Will) in the fourth movie. I’ve already promised the daughter I’ll get the video when it’s released, so here’s a guaranteed fan and customer. Besides, the die-hard romantic in me just cannot live with the fact that the pair is destined to live apart meeting for one day only every ten years.  The Disney story-tellers have been creating happy ever after and making dreams come true for decades … I just won’t buy that they aren’t just as much an opimist as I am, so there!


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  1. I really liked the movie except for the Will/Elizabeth ending. I couldn’t figure out how they thought that one day, for every 10 years was a HEA. But Marrianne and Maylin’s explaniations together make it much better! I’ll have to go see it again, and make sure to stay till the end, I left too early last time and didn’t see the “ten years later” after the credits!

  2. ag says:

    Damn, I got to go and watch it again. I stayed as long as I could when the credits rolled, but was forced to leave because we were running late for a dinner.

    This time round, I should drag my hubby with me. Am just glad Will and Elizabeth gets their HEA. But what of the aqua la vida? I feel a 4th instalment coming but sans the Turners.

    Mailyn, thanks for clearing the fog. hee hee … I get to go back to the movies 🙂

  3. LOL – Different strokes for different folks 🙂 I hated the movie – just loathed it for oh so many reasons. And I didn’t know then that there was an added part after the credits. And since one of the reasons I was so disappointed was the lack of the HEA for Will and Elizabeth (although I couldn’t stand Elizabeth in this one – it was more Will) that I got even more angry when I found out after the fact about the after credits ending.

  4. The real ending wasn’t cut, it’s after the end credits. Will and Elizabeth reunite and stay together. The fact that she waited for him for 10 years is what breaks The Flying Dutchman’s debt so his soul is returned. That’s why they say that Will and Elizabeth will not be doing more POTC movies. They have said that if they do make more POTC movies they will focus on Jack as Will and Elizabeth’s story is done.

  5. Marianne McA says:

    I’ve read several blogs that are quoting the scriptwriters as saying it is a happy ending, but that some of the relevant information was cut from the movie, so it might not be obvious how the curse works.

    “Will is cursed to do the job of ferrying souls for 10 years. When He returns to land on his one day every ten years, if he finds his true love, the curse is broken and he can leave the Dutchman and lead a normal human life on land. Since Elizabeth will be waiting on him when he returns, the curse will be broken. Jones remained cursed because when he came back ten years later, his love wasn’t waiting for him and he couldn’t be free from the curse. He became so hurt and angry that he cut out his heart and abandoned the soul ferrying job (which is the reason he came to look like a monster).”

    To nit-pick, that doesn’t explain to me how Will gets to be alive again – did they explain that anywhere?

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