Believing in Jessica Inclan

First of all, l’d like to thank Jessica sincerely for her precious gift of Believe in Me and for introducing the world to the magical universe of Les Croyants. I’m definitely going to revisit this series when I’ve finished my first term of French lessons (courtesy of my very generous employer).

It really was serendipity finding the first of Ms Jessica Inclan‘s series on a community of sorcieres in Paris. I was instantly intrigued the moment I picked up When You Believe, so of course having read and loved it, I have to find out what happens to the other two Valasay brothers. Actually, the one whom I was most impatient to see fall under the spell of love is Felix.

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The youngest of the brother, he’s the smooth operator and chick magnet, so it was most amusing to see how he dances around Sayblee, a powerful fire-starter in her own rights. Can you believe I read Reason to Believe in less than a day because I so wanted to see the brothers settle down and Quain the evil sorcerer brought down?

Reason to Believe actually begins around the same period (or is it before?) Sariel met Miranda in the first book. It sort of bridges the gap between the time of Sariel’s injury at Kallisto’s hands and the first confrontation of the evil trio. Rufus’ mind was wiped blank by Kallisto when the story began, and would have died out on the streets with no memory of who he was if Fabia, whose supernatural hearing is legendary, hadn’t taken him in. While he was recovering from the mess Kallisto left him in, the attraction between both of them grew steadily.

Soon as he was recovered, the magical council decided to go after the villains, only they fell into a trap and both Fabia and Rufus were bound by dark magic to an island but on two parallel dimensions with sand writing as the only means of communication. Both must work together to release themselves from Kallisto’s evil enchantment, rescue the others and complete their mission before they could even think of the affair of their hearts.

Believe in Me holds a special place in my heart because the story is set in Paris. Sayblee and her nemesis from childhood, Felix, have to go undercover as a moyenne couple by tamping down their magic to spy on the villains. Both started off as uneasy partners, awkward about their heady attraction towards each other, and confused about what they truly desire from each other … at first.

When Sayblee finally believes that Felix is serious this time round, the enemy has already caught up and laid a trap for them. The time round, Sayblee’s mind came under the control of Quain, and she unwittingly captured Felix’s two brothers and nearly helped Quain succeed at his evil plans. (Gee, I couldn’t help thinking of the Imperius Curse when I was reading this).

Of course, good eventually triumphs over evil, and the elder Les Croyants teamed up with the brothers to finally vanquish the villains. It was definitely a very satisfying finale for me and I was hugely entertained by their antics when they were undercover in Paris.

It helps that Inclan’s writing style is clear and descriptive, more so for fantasy/ paranormal works like these three, as the world she’s built must be totally believable and compelling to draw readers in and engage their imagination. In the creation of the world of Les Croyants, she has succeeded marvelously. I couldn’t put down both books until I’ve finished reading them cover to cover – staying up late to read jus a few more lines before my tired eyes finally bid adieu.

And it was worth losing that few hours of sleep. I simply played catch-up over the weekend. So do be forewarned that you may loose sleep over this series.


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  1. ag says:

    hey mailyn,

    We’re catching Pirates 3 this afternoon … my kids are looking forward to that!! And so am I!

    Hi Jessica,

    I really like the Valasays and their magical world. Thanks for introducing us to them. All the best to your future projects too, and I’ll be looking out for them.

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