Envisioning the Next Harry Movie

Having just finished watching Harry Potter movie DVDs one through four over the last three weekends with the kids, and re-reading Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince for the, I don’t know, fourth (?) time, I couldn’t help feeling excited about the next movie hitting the big screen this summer. Not to mention the thrill of receiving the last instalment, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows at the bookstore I pre-ordered with a couple of months from now.

Saphira Rocks! So does Charlotte!

I really really hope the director, Yates, put all the crucial points of this book into the movie. Of course, there’ll be cuts. This is after all the thickest book by far. The other night while I was surfing the web, I came across this fabulous movie tie-in site, Join Dumbledore’s Army, and thought it was a very, very clever marketing idea. It’s another good use of the social interactive nature of the web again. Bloody brilliant, I’d say!

Btw, if you’ve a moment, drop by Dan’s site – it’s very classy looking now and there’re news and interviews on all his new ventures.

Envisioning the Next Harry Movie Envisioning the Next Harry Movie

Anyway, that set me to thinking about the coming movie, and this is what I envision it should contain.

I want to see the opening – Harry fighting off the Dementors in Little Whinging. The wizengamot trial, face-off between Snape and Black in Grimmauld Place, detention with the evil Umbridge, the germination of the DA, the first DA meeting/ practice, McGonagall facing off Umbridge on her inspection, career advice session. The Ministry’s discovery of the DA and its failed arrest of Dumbledore.

Of course, there’s Harry’s first kiss with Cho, but I’m more interested in the confrontation in Umbridge’s office, the flight on Thestrals to the Department of Mysteries and the entire battle there. The studio has done a fantastic job bringing a hippogriff to live, I’m simply looking forward to how they will flesh out the Thestrals. Oh, and let’s not forget Umbridge’s humiliating downfall. Now, let’s just see if my wish will come true. For now, I’ll just be hopping from site to site for news and updates.

One thought on “Envisioning the Next Harry Movie

  1. You saw the 2nd trailer, right? It looks really exciting. It had to have been hard for them to fit all the plot in, because it is a massive book. I’m excited to see Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix–I think she’s going to be perfect. She’s so creepy anyway! 😉

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