Ani-mania in Blogland

It’s been a while since my last WebWatch Wednesday post, so I took some time off this morning to go surfing for anime related blogs, as I’ve promised that long ago day.

My first stop is naturally Mailyn. I’ve known for a while now she’s a manga/ anime fan and that she runs Perfect Drug, which are contributed by Nath, Kailana and DC although the team has not updated the posts for a while. Hey gals, which anime series are you going to talk about next?

Ani-mania in Blogland


Ani-mania in Blogland

From Mailyn’s, I hop on to one of the links on her sidebar to Takeva. Although this blog is in Spanish, I like the clean lay-out and very simple graphics. He/she has an impressive fanlist to which he/she belongs to. It doesn’t hurt that the blog features lots of great screen caps. Just admiring the manga drawings/ anime screencaps was a real treat.


Ani-mania in Blogland

I really dig the neat and reader friendly lay-out this blog has adopted. Death Note fans should really check this site out. The author gives episode synopsis and screencaps generously. There’s even a spoiler column for those who do not wish to know too much about a series in advance. I also like how the posts are categorized by series and episodes – makes finding a particular post/ series easy. Again, this link came by way of Mailyn. Oh, and there’re plenty of links for Anime lovers to check out. I had a field day just surfing from this site.


Ani-mania in Blogland

This blog is sheer eye candy, and I came by way of Memento. Lots of striking images and a white background that shows them off marvelously. Oh, and did I mention the goodies? There’re links to trailers for previewing and/ or downloading, music to listen to and lots of links to other fans.

That Anime Blog

Ani-mania in Blogland

Ani-mania in Blogland

This is a team blog by eight anime lovers who blogs actively on all things anime, manga, J and K drama (it’s Japanese and Korean drama for the uninitiated). They even find time to put up fanart, review games, news and tips (latest merchandise, anime series spin-offs – the figurines are collectibles on their own), post trailer previews and review music soundtracks, and cover events like cosplay (a major outing for manga fans). I’m simply amazed by their boundless energy and passion about anime. Bravo!

Inuyasha World

Finally, I couldn’t possibly do a post on Anime without mentioning my all-time fave series Inuyasha, and the site I go to for a dose of fandomania every now and then. Yeah, this site may not be a great-looking one, but it’s chock-a-block with all things an Inu-fan wishes to know about the series, the manga, the movies and fan shrines even though the site’s not been updated for a long while. I hope the editorial team swings back into action soon. The series is taking a break, so that may be why.

Ani-mania in Blogland


3 thoughts on “Ani-mania in Blogland

  1. ag says:

    Nath, thanks for the tip-off.

    Mailyn, you’ve been really busy 🙂 We understand. Just enjoy the anime.

  2. hey there 😀

    another good anime blog is Random Curiosity 😀 It’s a great anime blog that is updated daily with summaries and screencaps 😀

  3. Mailyn says:

    Thanks Ag! Yeah, that was put on hold since we barely can keep up with our own blogs and Twisted Kingdom. But I haven’t stopped watching anime. I just don’t have the energy to keep up a blog. Even mine is being neglected.

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