Willing Slave to Sensation

Yes, I know I am a latecomer to this Nalini Singh sensation, but if I were to pick a book that has lived up to all the hype and rave surrounding its launch, Slave to Sensation would come to mind.

This futuristic paranormal is worthy of all the praises that’s been sung about its plot, characters and fantastical universe that is surely a stroke of pure genius. Who but a consummate, highly imaginative story-teller would have thought of the hyper intelligent world of telepaths such as the psy inhabits? The changelings don’t just serve as an interesting race to illustrate the contrast between the cold of logic and the warmth of emotions. They are there to prove the unity in diversity and the strength of the bond of love and family.

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For those who have not fallen slave to this erotic paranormal romance, Singh’s story teams up Sascha Duncan, a Cardinal Psy who’s always thought she has no real distinctive powers to push her up into the elite council of her world, with the ultra sensuous changeling Lucas Hunter in a hunt for a serial killer. I won’t bring you the plot summary, you can find out more about the book here. Kristie has a good synopsis if you’re inclined to bloghop, and Jane at DearAuthor ran an interview with the author. I’ll dive straight into what worked for me.

Reading this cyberpunk masterpiece is like reliving The Matrix and X-Men all at once. It sets the reader off thinking of all the ‘what ifs’ in the future. You marvel at the super-cool powers Singh has bestowed on her characters and start wondering which skills you’d love to possess.

What I like most is the way Singh built up the romantic tensions between Sascha and Lucas, the suspense of finding the psychopath — actually, I was glad that my hunches were spot on, and the intense emotions she imbues her characters with. Sascha’s almost paranoid building of her mental firewall and the heart-wrenching loneliness she feels for not fitting in and being mislabeled. Lucas’ almost obsessive fear for the safety of those he loves and his conflicting desires to both protect Sascha and let her free to discover her own powers. The two changeling races uniting against a common enemy strikes a deep cord  chord in my heart – nothing like people going against all odds to defeat adversity inspires me more.

The story is pretty fast paced, so the adventure is all the more thrilling. And I’m not alone in appreciating Singh’s talents, others who have succumbed to this sensational novel include PB reader Wendy, Jen B., Rosario (who rated this book an A), Marg and Jennie amongst others. Kristie has an issue with the psy net stuff but for an anime/ manga and gadget sucker like me, it was fascinating. And, I’ll join CindyS in chanting KEEPER, KEEPER, KEEPER!


7 thoughts on “Willing Slave to Sensation

  1. ag says:

    Zeek, better late than never.

    Jennie, thanks for the tip-off. Yep, I think I’ll wait for the other two to be out. I like to read my series back-to-back.

    Alyssa, Cindy, this one really rocked my perception of futuristic paranormal novels.

    Mailyn, great interview with Armstrong. And nice new look for TK.

  2. CindyS says:

    Welcome aboard the Singh fan wagon 😉

    I think the whole mental world is where Singh really shines. I can see exactly what she is describing. Of course, my vision of what it would look like and someone elses would probably differ but at no point did I become overwhelmed.

    The next book – there were a few scenes where I had no clue what the two characters were talking about but then, they are both Psy so they can talk above others.

    Glad you liked it!


  3. Woo hoo! You’ve joined the ranks of StS fans. 🙂 You know there’s a sequel out, right? I didn’t think it was quite as good, but still definitely worth a read. And the third is due out sometime, in the fall maybe?

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