The Warrior

This historical romance by Judith E French, an author who’s new to me, found its way to my TBR pile quite serendipitously. There I was at Borders, trying to locate either Magic Study or The Rules of Seduction, but what should draw my eye but the magnificent cover of The Warrior.

Impulse Shopping Again

Being an avid fan of historical fiction, I was immediately intrigued by what was on the back cover:

In ancient Times, tales were told of fierce warriors and the brave women who risked everything to love them. Alexander was one such man, and well he knew it. The only son of Alexander the Great, he had a destiny to fulfill. He intended to marry a princess and carry on his noble lineage. But in the heat of the Egyptian desert, a beautiful slave girl named Kiara called to his deepest desires. Her emerald green eyes beckoned him to put down his sword and open up his heart. And for once, Alexander wanted nothing more than to defy expectation and follow this willful beauty around the world.

But deception surrounded the lovers on all sides. From the great pyramids of Egypt to the misty hills of Ireland, history awaited the one man brave enough to seize it. And the one woman bold enough to claim… The Warrior.

What worked for me was the historical premise that gives this fictional epic, the third in the author’s Alexander Trilogy, the colourful characters and action-packed drama that is Egypt’s tumultous past. Set against the backdrop of mystical Egypt where political intrigue and treachery is rife, this rather fast-paced third instalment will delight historical fans with its vivid details and insights to ancient rituals and cultures. Kudos to Ms French for a well-researched story, fully developed characters, subplots that support the central angle of love amidst turbulent times, and a lovable royal family.

My only grouse? The open ending that hints at a continuation. I want to know whether Alexander married Kiara, and the fate of Val, his brother, is still hanging in the air. What’s going to happen to him and Shahi? I refuse to consider that the author will leave Val to the evil hands of the pursuing Egyptian and Greek army. He can’t die yet!! Besides, Shahi mentioned an idea that will stop the invaders. I wanna know, I wanna know!!

Ugh … the suspense is killing and there’s nothing up on Judith’s website about an upcoming book.

Please, Ms French, I hope you are seriously going to give this series a proper ending that’ll tie up all the loose ends, never mind that I didn’t read the books preceding The Warrior.