Ugly is the New Beautiful in 2007

Having caught three episodes of Ugly Betty on local TV, I’m more than ready to put my stamp of approval on this quirky drama comedy about a plain-looking but intelligent, confident and resourceful young woman starting out on her career in the superficial world of high fashion publishing.

Ugly is the New Beautiful in 2007

What I dig about this show is the central character Betty Suarez’s big-hearted way of treating people, being nice to even those who’d hurt her deliberately with well-aimed remarks and snide insinuations at her fashion sense. She may not be coiffed and perfectly powdered, and dressed in haute couture, but I love her quirky and eclectic dress sense. It’s got her personality stamped all over it. The infectious thing about her is that she is passionate about what she believes in and when she’s brimming with ideas, she really goes out to champion them. Her indomitable spirit and optimism in the face of adversity (and trust me, there are plenty saboteurs out to see that she, and her boss, fails) are the stuff of human drama that I find lacking in some of today’s shows.

But more than just providing entertainment, Ugly Betty exhorts us women to dare to be real, be true to ourselves, be honest and accepting, most of all to be passionate and kind. I also like how the show producers went beyond that to reach out to young girls by partnering with NPO Girls Inc. to inspire them to be “strong, smart and bold”.

If you’ve missed the show, you can catch the episodes online over at ABC. And be sure to visit Betty’s website where you’ll find her dispensing career advice and talking about her life, friends and family.

Ugly is the New Beautiful in 2007 Ugly is the New Beautiful in 2007

May you all be ugly beautiful in 2007.