A Long Overdue Catch-up Post

The past one week has been a tiring but fulfilling one. Besides organizing a regional training workshop and sharing with my fellow colleagues from around the Asian Pac region, there was also the company dinner and dance to prepare.

Apart from having to catch up on all the book reviews, I think I owe Amanda a response to her tag, so here are some weird things (I can’t think of ten … too tuckered) about me that few people know:

  1. I talk to myself frequently.
  2. I enjoy dancing even though I sometimes have two left feet.
  3. Living in a family of durian lovers, I’ll eat durian puffs and cakes but just not the fruit itself.
  4. I can be really anal retentive when it comes to certain language quirks/ errors e.g. it bugs me to no end to hear people use ‘irregardless’.
  5. I would grab all my news online but read the stories only in print, nope, eBooks are just not the same.
  6. I have this habit of bursting into my favourite song playing on my iPod while waiting at bus-stops and traffic lights.

Well, that’s about all I can think of. Sorry, the brain’s a bit fried, so the reviews will have to wait.


One thought on “A Long Overdue Catch-up Post

  1. Cindys says:

    1. Not only do I talk to myself, I talk to my cats and dog and then I imagine what they would say back and then I respond. Yep.

    2. Absolutely – I try to dance in private 😉

    4. I wish I was better with language but I have a horrible memory and then I get anxious and probably screw it all up anyways 😉

    5. Me Too.

    6. I sing to the songs playing in stores and if they’re really good I start to bop to them in the aisles.

    Glad you found some time to blog!


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