Sayonara Tokyo

Well, my Tokyo mission was successfully completed, thanks to my co-operative colleagues. Their warm hospitality and friendliness will always remain even as I bid a fond farewell to this amazing city. 

If my initial impression of the city’s orderly and ultra modern sky scrapers conjures an image of a sterile, clinical concrete jungle in your mind, then I must apologise. For beneath that stone and glass surface, there’s a warm and timeless beauty in the traditional sushi shops on street corners and the courteous people you meet everywhere. Road signs that were at first a little daunting became endearing landmarks to me, while the sight of the metro whooshing by became a welcome routine to the mornings. 

The two days of back-to-back meetings until late meant no time for sightseeing at night. I didn’t make it to the Kino wonderland, but my friends took me pass the swanky Roppongi Hills area, where bare trees dressed in fairy lights greet visitors to the precinct, winking a merry hello and imparting a dreamy feel to the area, in  cab. We had dinner at this chic, cozy fusion sushi restaurant, Rainbow Roll Sushi, and sat there expounding on the image and branding of several countries while Valentine’s Day drew to an end.

I released The Captain’s Lady and Daisy’s Back in Town as part of my Bookcrossing effort, finished The Gentlemen Caller and Cold As Ice and started on The Scot, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Oh, and I got to practise my very rusty Japanese, so it was another accomplishment of sorts. 

Admittedly, it was too short a visit, but I sense there are more layers to Tokyo awaiting further discovery, so even as I bid the city ‘sayonara’, in my heart I’m telling its people ‘mata aimasho’. Yes, I will see you again … soon I hope.