Hajimemashite, Tokyo!

Surprise?!! I’ve arrived in Tokyo just a couple of hours ago, and decided to drop a quick post about the city, courtesy of the hotel’s free web access.

My impression of the city has always been that of a modern orderly metropolis, and Tokyo really matched the image of modern efficiency and orderliness that the capital is famous for. Everything here is so well planned and well thought out, and I’m not just referring to their public toilets — which are real marvels of the latest technology in hygiene/ sanitation. Oh, and there’s whirlpool jacuzzi tub in my hotel room.  This is sheer heaven …

This time round, I didn’t really have much time to research and read about Tokyo, but I met someone at a networking event who’s been to this city five times and loves it here. Without asking for my hobbies and interests, he recommend a visit to the 7-story Kinokuniya bookstore somewhere near the hotel where I’ll be staying – in Shinjuku. I was all round-eyed with wonder, and asked him how he knew I love books. I must have the label bookworm or booklover stamped somewhere on my forehead!

You bet I’m going to attempt a visit (don’t laugh, Mailyn :))to this book wonderland! Speaking of which, I popped into the rental yesterday after picking up a mobile handset for this trip, and ended up bagging home this wonderful novel by Megan Chance, The Gentleman Caller (which I finished on the plane ride here) and a funny one by Annette Blair, The Scot, The Witch and The Wardrobe for the flight home. Yeah, I know, there’s a pile sitting home waiting for me, but that’s what I get up to whenever I have some time on my hand. I end up with yet more books to pile up Mount TBR. Oh, and there was a third book, The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter – from my wishlist.

Hajimemashite, Tokyo!  The Gentleman Caller, The Scot and The Witch The Rules of Seduction

Hmmm … maybe I’ll just browse at Kino? For now, I’m going to curl up with Anne Stuart’s Cold As Ice before calling it the night. Oyasumi nasai!


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  1. I haven’t been around lately so I didn’t know but can I just say that the level of jealousy has reached an alltime high since Tokyo has been my number one “I need to get my ass there” city since I was like 5 years old. LOL.


    BTW you won an award!!!!!!!

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